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Angela Bassett is a well-known actress who always offered everything she has to the characters she portrays. Fans aren’t the only ones who noticed it; television and film executives have also recognized her talent on screen.

After it was announced that her show 9-1-1 would pay her $450,000 per episode, she was just named one of the highest-paid actresses on television. Bassett spoke to Instyle last Wednesday on having the confidence in herself to know how much she deserves to be paid for her work.

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“Everyone wants to keep the lights on, but I’ve never been motivated solely by money or fame,” Bassett revealed. “For me, it’s always and only been for the joy of following my dreams. That’s what makes me feel alive.”

The New York native began by emphasizing that she did not enter the performing field for the money, but rather because it was her love.

“Now, it’s good to be paid. That is one thing that I’ve said to myself since early on in my career,” the veteran actress said.

She continued.

“I mean, I literally would say, ‘I want to work in roles that can change me and change the conversation. I want to work consistently. And I want to be paid fairly.’”

Prior to the fifth season of the Fox drama series, Bassett and a few other cast members received raises.

After “lengthy negotiations,” the wage raise was determined to be appropriate for Bassett’s function as field Sgt. Athena Grant.

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According to Deadline, Bassett is not just doing an on-screen role, but she is also working as the executive producer of the show as well as 9-1-1: Lone Star.

“It’s about knowing your worth and standing on it,” Basset said.

She added.

“Being in positions and places where your worth is appreciated is a good thing. I’m glad that it can influence others. There is a bit of me that’s from a generation where we don’t talk openly about things like that. But I understand what generation this is today.”

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