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Rapper and actor Ludacris can be seen in the holiday spirits, as he plays Santa while handing out some helpful gifts to those in need.

In a 21-second Instagram video, Bridges can be seen surprising random individuals in the neighborhood with some extra cash so they could purchase some food.

“My pops used to always say ‘If you give a homeless person money they’re just going to go buy booze wit it,’” the Atlanta native says in the caption. “I always wanted to disagree with him because as a kid, in my heart I always felt that couldn’t be 100% true.”

In the video, the 44-year-old approaches a man in a power chair and offers him a gift card while wearing a mask to conceal his identity.

He can be heard asking the man to “buy you some dinner” before informing him that the card he was holding had $50 on it.

It’s not everyday celebrities who give gift cards instead of cash to communities in need, but Ludacris has a specific motive for doing so. He explains that it derives from a talk he had with his father about donating money to the homeless.

Because the Fast and Furious star felt compelled to give back, he devised a strategy that would allow him to do so while also ensuring that the individuals he helps do not use the money to buy substances.

He further explains his reasoning.

“So I’ve been masked up/disguised experimenting in these streets, and giving the homeless food gift cards instead so that they have more of an incentive to buy food. I flipped his theory, and i added my own twist to it because I REFUSE to NOT believe in HOPE #merryludacrismas #tistheseason #lovewins.”

Fans share their response.

“What a brilliant idea,” one Instagram user says.

Another fan states, “Oh great job Ludacris!!!!!”

Others share why they felt differently about Bridges’ act of kindness.

One fan state, “It’s a blessing to give WITHOUT conditions. We always assume all they need is food… I’m sure that’s at the top of their list but who are we to judge if they buy alcohol.”

They continue.

“Their living conditions are hard enough.”

Reflecting on this comment, Ludacris replies to the fan with the word “Interesting” accompanied with a thinking face emoji.

Tell us do you think Ludacris has a point?

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