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Former Family Matters star, Jaleel White might have annoyed his former castmates after he unintentionally became one of the main characters of the show.

White and Jo Marie Payton, who represented the sitcom on E! True Hollywood Story recently became candid about the turbulence between the sitcom’s cast.

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“My arrival to ‘Family Matters’ was a rocky start at the beginning,” White stated. “[The cast] kind of had to accept that I was there. That was a process.”

The cast faced conflict after White’s character, Steve Urkel had immediate success with fans. Because of the immediate success of Urkel, the entire concept of the show was revamped to make him the break-out character.

Formally portraying his next-door neighbor, Payton admitted that there was animosity after the show’s revamp midway in the sitcom’s first season.

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“When he came on, [producers] told us the dynamic was going to change, the shows were going to be about him, and we said, ‘OK.’ We weren’t happy about it,” the 71-year-old admitted. “I think along the way it got to be a little resentful, but it was just an adjustment that we had to make.”

While reminiscing about the cast’s tough time accepting the sudden change, the former child actor recalled a moment when Jamiee Foxworth expressed her irritation with him.

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“I remember Jamie saying something to me on set like, ‘Well, my mom said I was supposed to get my storyline before you,’” the 44-year-old reminisced.

Although the cast wasn’t too fond of the change, the overall success of Family Matters continued. The cast eventually dropped the animosity and improved their relationship.

“Over time, figuring out that ‘if you do this and I do that, we win,’ that’s ultimately what evolved,” White said.

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