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Is it possible that there could be little Tiffany Haddishes roaming the world? The comedian sure does think so! In a recent interview with E!’s Daily Pop, the 41-year-old spoke about her plans to adopt while admitting to donating her eggs at the age of 21 when times were hard.

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“I don’t wanna pay nobody to carry my baby neither, ’cause then I have to go through a process of giving myself injections and all that stuff,” the Night School actress said of why she isn’t considering surrogacy. “And I already gave up — here goes something everybody don’t know, I’m gonna tell you: When I was 21 I was really hard up for some money and I gave up a bunch of eggs. So who knows, I might got some kids out here in these streets.”

“I doubt it, though, because I never got the bonus,” she jokingly continues. “Maybe somewhere though, in cryo somewhere.”

Haddish has been very vocal about the period of homelessness she suffered prior to breaking into the industry. “I would always pull up 5 to 10 minutes late so no one could see my car because I had all my clothes and suitcases in my car,” the NAACP Image Award winner told Today’s Sunday Sitdown.

The Los Angeles native also disclosed that she is “taking parenting classes now to adopt” a child in the near future.

“I’m looking at, you know, five and up — really like seven,” she said. “I want them to be able to know how to use the restroom on their own and talk. I want them to know that I put in the work and I wanted them.”

When asked about the possibility of a natural pregnancy with her current boyfriend Common, she made it clear that it would be short of a miracle.

“Let me tell you, if I get pregnant, that is all God — tearing down all walls, all barriers,” she said with wide eyes. “‘Cause definitely, I have taken the precaution to protect. Now if that s–t happened, we gon’ hire some help, then definitely gonna cry a lot.”

“And I’m not gonna be ‘baby mama,’” she stated. “I’m gonna be ‘wife.’”

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