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From How to Be a Player to The Brothers and Love Jones, Bill Bellamy was at the peak of his career from the late 90s to the early 2000s until he disappeared from the Hollywood scene. Years later and the actor is revealing what slowed his “momentum down” and why fans and actors alike questioned why “Bill fell off.”

During an interview with Comedy Hype, the 55-year-old actor was asked if he regretted his selectiveness with roles and “if he got it wrong?”

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“I didn’t get it wrong — I don’t think I got anything wrong,” responded the Def Comedy Jam comedian. “I think one of the things that … slowed my momentum down was my commitment to my family. Because, you know, in 2003 when I had my daughter I was like ‘Nah man, I just can’t miss out on my kids’ you know what I’m saying?”

Going further into detail, Bellamy explains that although he loved his career, he “never wanted to regret missing out on his kids.” The New Jersey native even asked fellow actors DL HughleyMorris Chestnut, and LL Cool J for further guidance and they all stated the importance of making time for the family as the kids “grow up fast.”

Now that his children are older he feels a second wind coming in his acting career.

Watch the full interview below and tell us: what role do you want to see him in next?



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