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A Different World

Liza Who-Little

Whitley's aunt offers her a job as an art buyer, but first she must entertain her cousin Liza for a weekend visit to Hillman.


A Different World

To Tell the Truth

Whitley is nervous about the engagement party and takes it out on Dwayne, who uses the opportunity to explore other options.


News One Now (Roland Martin)



Sanford & Son

Pops 'n' Pals

Next door neighbor, Julio, has become a very good friend of Lamont's. With Lamont, spending so much free time with Julio, Fred begins to feel left out and decides to try to be more like one of the guys. However, Fred quickly learns the advantages of having so much free time and no one to hoard in on it.


Sanford & Son

The Infernal Triangle

Fred meets a young woman and he quickly announces to Lamont that he has proposed to her. However, Lamont is in for a big surprise when he meets Fred's fiancee who just happens to be Lamont's old flame, whom he would like to marry himself.


Sanford & Son

Home Sweet Home for the Aged

Lamont breaks the news to Fred that he plans to join the crew of a tramp steamer and sail around the world. A shocked Fred gets another shock, Lamont plans on putting him in a retirement home.


Sanford & Son

Pot Luck

Lamont pays twenty bucks for a commode that he thinks is a valuable antique.


Sanford & Son

The Kid

A 9 year old runaway child shows up on the Sanfords' property and Fred is against having any little kids around to cause problems but Fred quickly lightens up the young boy despite his gruff exterior. Fred then takes it upon himself to teach the kid to appreciate what he's got at home.


Sanford & Son

Rated X

Lamont and Rollo answer an ad that promises them stardom through low-budget movies. Fred gets a hold of the brochure and decides to try out too. When they get down there they quickly discover the low budget movies are X-rated followed by a police raid and Fred, Lamont and Rollo are hauled off to jail.


Sanford & Son

Lamont Is That You?

Lamont and Rollo are out on the town one evening and decide to stop in at a new bar for a couple drinks. However, they soon realize they have stumbled into a gay bar. Unknown to them, Bubba just happened to see them go inside. Bubba promptly jumps to conclusions and then proceeds to tell Fred that Lamont is gay. Not believing Bubba's story, Fred decides to get to the bottom of the situation.


Sanford & Son

Lamont as Othello

Fred comes home to find Lamont and his drama teacher Marilyn acting out a choking scene from the play "Othello." Fred then jumps to the logical conclusion that Lamont is trying to kill a white woman. Later, Fred becomes the victim of assumption when Marilyn invites Fred and Lamont to her place and her parents think Fred and Lamont are trying to rob the place.


The Jeffersons

Jeffersons Go to Hawaii - Part 1

Tom and Helen are enjoying their vacation in Hawaii, while Florence is back home wanting to take a vacation. This leads Louise to buy her a plane ticket to Hawaii. Meanwhile, George visits his doctor and learns that he must lower his blood pressure so he decides to take a vacation to Hawaii with Louise.


The Jeffersons

Jeffersons Go to Hawaii - Part 2

George, Louise and Florence arrive in Hawaii and discover that Tom and Helen have decided to stay a few more days. Meanwhile, George begins to work on lowering his blood pressure which leads him to decide that he wants to sell his business and move to Hawaii.


The Jeffersons

Jeffersons Go to Hawaii - Part 3

George begins to get involved in the investment plan that would allow him and Louise to live in Hawaii and begins hinting to her that that's what he wants to do. Meanwhile, a sailing trip goes awry when Tom and George get lost.


The Jeffersons

Jeffersons Go to Hawaii - Part 4

After their boat tips over, George and Tom wash ashore on another part of the island. George and Tom are aided by some friendly islanders who will have to leave their home due to a development project, which happens to be the project which George is considering to invest in, which would keep him in Hawaii.


The Jeffersons

You'll Never Get Rich

Needing some quick cash to fly to a family get together, Florence accompanies George and Louise to Atlantic City where Florence is struck by gambling fever. Meanwhile, Louise is determined to see some celebrities. Unknown to her she is running in to them everywhere she turns.


Sanford & Son

The Hawaiian Connection - Part 1

Three jewel thieves try and find a way to smuggle some expensive diamonds from Hawaii to L.A. That is where Fred and Lamont come in. Fred goes to Hawaii to attend a Junkmen of America convention. The crooks then plan to sneak the jewels on Fred so that he can take them to L.A. without knowing anything about it.


Sanford & Son

The Hawaiian Connection - Part 2

The diamond thieves continue their plot to have Fred smuggle the stolen diamonds into the United States. Freddy Wells sneaks into Fred's hotel room and plants the diamonds in his suitcase. Later, Lamont and Fred discover the diamonds and hesitate to call the police.


Sanford & Son

The Hawaiian Connection - Part 3

During a mishap at the airport Fred accidentally misplaces the suitcase with the diamonds and the crooks start chasing Lamont and him all over Hawaii, trying to get them back. Meanwhile, the cops close on in, but not before guns are drawn on Fred and Lamont as the crooks trap them on a boat.


Sanford & Son

The Members of the Wedding/The Engagement

Fred and Donna enjoy an evening out on the town but then Donna breaks the news that she has had another man propose marriage to her. Not wanting to lose her, Fred decides to propose marriage himself and they plan a small wedding ceremony. However, Lamont is totally against the whole thing and has Aunt Esther and family confront Donna and question her intentions.


Sanford & Son

Grady the Star Boarder

Grady is fed up being a boarder for the bickering Ferguson's and vents his frustrations to Fred. Immediately seeing an opportunity to make some quick cash, Fred tries to convince Lamont to agree to let Grady be a "paying boarder" at the house. However, Fred quickly realizes the drawbacks and must find a way to break the news to his old friend.


Sanford & Son

Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe

Grady has a a piece of juicy gossip and is just dying to tell everyone. It seems Grip, an old friend, dated Fred's late-wife, Elizabeth, prior to her getting married to Fred. Elizabeth and Grip had been intimate and Lamont is the result. Fred is convinced Grip is nothing but a "jive turkey" and Esther may have the answer to this paternity question.


Sanford & Son

Wine, Women & Aunt Esther

Fred and his buddies are down over the death of a close friend and Aunt Esther's over-reacting does nothing to help. Thus, Fred decides to throw a cheer-up party and intends to have it in the Sanford home, complete with booze, music and friends of Fast Fanny, a topless waitress.


Sanford & Son

Fred Sanford, Legal Eagle

Lamont is disgusted when he receives a traffic ticket for failure to yield on a right turn. Lamont is sure he did the most prudent thing for the situation and lets Fred talk him into fighting the ticket in court. Lamont is prepared to fight for himself but once in the court room he finds himself being represented ... by Fred!


Sanford & Son

This Land Is Whose Land?

While cleaning out the yard, Fred discovers some of Julio's junk on his property and demands that it be removed promptly. Soon, a feud erupts primarily due to Fred, who has a surveyor come over to determine where exactly the property line is. However, what is determined is not exactly what Fred had in mind and sets out to mislead Julio.


Sanford & Son

Fred's Cheating Heart

When a man stops by the Sanford residence seeking funds for a heart association, Lamont, finds out some interesting facts about heart attacks and decides to use the info to his advantage. The next time Fred has a supposed heart attack, Lamont doesn't take no for an answer and Fred ends up in the hospital for a checkup.


Sanford & Son

The Party Crasher

Lamont and Rollo are planning a double date and they have a plan to get Fred out of the house so they can have it all to themselves. However, Fred catches on and Lamont and Rollo must make do with the cramped quarters of Rollo's apartment, but they still have problems, the girls aren't happy with the entire arrangement, right down to the refreshments, that's when Fred steps in.


Good Times

A Real Cool Job

After taking some courses at a trade school, James has graduated and now has a chance at getting better paying jobs. However, James soon, finds that he's still in the same old situation, of having a hard time finding work period. So, when he is finally offered a job, he accepts it despite the fact that there is one catch, it's in Alaska.


Good Times

The TV Commercial

Florida comes home from the supermarket with great news, she's been offered a role in a TV commercial. What's even better is the pay she will get, $5,000. However, once she reads the script and tests the product, Florida has second thoughts.


Good Times

Florida Goes to School

Florida comes home all excited that she is going to night school hoping to achieve a High School Equivalency diploma, but her working in the daytime and going to school at night puts a strain on her relationship with James, who is dead set against her entertaining the notion of school.


Good Times

The Nude

A woman, known in the projects as the "Wiggler" asks J.J. to paint a nude portrait of her as a birthday gift for her husband. However, Florida has a hard time understanding why a woman would pose in the nude and why she has to pose in the Evans' apartment. Meanwhile, Florida is also not too happy that James is taking such a liking to "the Wiggler."


Good Times

The Dinner Party

An elderly resident of the projects appears to be living on pet food after Michael takes out her garbage. The Evans family's attempt to do something for her is complicated when she brings a meat loaf to dinner and the kids suspect it is made from dog food.


Good Times

The Debutante Ball

J.J. is enchanted with his new girlfriend, Clarissa, and is all set to take her to a ritzy debutante ball. However, Clarissa has come to the Evans' apartment with some bad news, her parents won't let her go with J.J., citing that they think she's too good for him.


Good Times

JJ Becomes a Man - Part 1

J.J.'s 18th birthday has James and Florida in a fit when they find out they won't be able to give J.J. the art supplies he wanted because James' credit has been reduced to 0. After the birthday party, news hits the Evans family that J.J. has been arrested for robbing a liquor store.


Good Times

JJ Becomes a Man - Part 2

J.J. is taken down to the police station for questioning in the liquor store robbery. The family gathers there and tries to think up ways to raise enough money for J.J.'s bail and ultimately consider taking money from a loan shark.


Good Times

Junior the Senior

Florida and James are worried that J.J. won't pass into the 12th grade but when he gets his report card he did indeed pass but the grades seem to be a far cry from what they should be. This leads James and Florida to do a little investigating on their part.


Good Times

Spring Time in the Ghetto

Florida is running in a cleanest apartment competition and is sure she will win. However, her chances are dashed when Michael tries to help someone in need and brings home Ned the Wino.


Good Times

Getting up the Rent

With an eviction notice over their heads, the Evans family scrambles to come up with $74 dollars needed for their rent. Despite Florida's opinion, James goes down to the pool hall to try to hustle some money; J.J. comes up with a scheme of his own and Florida and Willona go down to the welfare office.


Good Times

The Enlistment

While Florida is away in Cleveland for a family funeral, the Evans' family is hit with a double dose of unemployment blues after both James and J.J. lose their jobs. James' boss at Brady's puts him on a temporary lay-off and the movie theatre where J.J. works is closing down. Wanting to support his family, J.J. decides to join the U.S. Army.


Good Times

Operation Florida

Florida has had a pain in her side for the last two weeks but doesn't want to see a doctor out of fear of the cost. However, when James learns of her dilemma he decides to pay any cost for Florida's treatment, even after he learns she has to have a gallbladder operation.


Good Times

Florida's Rich Cousin

Florida plans on borrowing money from her cousin to help pay some unexpected bills. James's pride stands in the way causing him to storm out to a bar, leaving Florida to learn about the shocking news about her seemingly wealthy cousin by herself.


Fatal Attraction

A Scorching Suspicion

Saleha Huuda was a popular college cheerleader and dancer originally from Ghana. When she met handsome ladies’ man, Antonio Drayton, she lured him with all the right moves. But their chances for a happy future suddenly go up in smoke when Saleha turns up missing. Meanwhile, miles away, a roadside brush fire turns out to be a charred body. Could this be the body of Saleha? As investigators begin their search for answers, little do they know that the two cases were about to collide in a mysterious and most sinister way.


Fatal Attraction

Terry Camper Metered Murder

Terry Camper was a well-loved cabbie in Peekskill, New York. A ladies man, Terry swept single mother Beatrice Ingram off her feet and they were soon married. But after ten years, their married lives are cut short as Terry Camper is found shot to death in his cab. And as investigators begin to lift the veil into the couple’s lives, they are about to uncover a secret cache of lust and lies that will send the investigation spiraling out of control into the most sordid depths capable of the human heart.