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Geto Boys


News One Now (Roland Martin)



The Parkers


Kim has a hot fling with a player from Nikki’s past.


The Parkers


When Nikki, Kim and Stevie pledge with a sorority they are ordered to “expose” Professor Oglevee.


The Parkers


After accidentally injuring Professor Oglevee, Nikki becomes his round-theclock nurse.


The Parkers


T’s band gets a big break, but the show may have to go on without Kim.


The Parkers


After Kim and Stevie move into their own apartment their mothers have a tough time cutting the apron strings.


The Parkers


Nikki’s ex-fiancé, a compulsive gambler, bets he can win back her heart.


The Parkers


When Nikki moves in, Kim flips out.


The Parkers


A scholastic competition sparks a new love in Kim’s life and an old rivalry from Professor Oglevee’s past.


The Parkers


Nikki and Kim square off in a campus election.


The Parkers


Nikki thinks she’s mentoring a “little angel,” but Kim and the Professor know she’s really the “devil in disguise!”


A Different World

Homie, Don't Ya Know Me?

Lena's childhood pals from Baltimore visit her at Hillman and proceed to butt heads with her new college friends.


A Different World

The Cat's in the Cradle

Dwayne is jealous of Whitley's new boyfriend, so Ron takes him to the big game between Hillman and Virginia A&M to takes his mind off his troubles.


A Different World

Sweet Charity

Walter discovers that Kim is working a night job to make ends meet and tells Whitley and Freddie, who ask everyone to stuff the tip jar at the Pit. Dwayne and Ron appear in a commercial to earn some extra cash.


A Different World

No Means No

Freddie is interested in a star baseball player Garth Parks, but when Dwayne finds out Garth's past indiscretions he warns Freddie who disregards his warnings thinking he is jealous.


Living Single

Play Ball

Khadijah hires Bobby Bonilla of the New York Mets to pen a weekly column for Flavor, just as her employees are poised to walk out over low salaries and poor working conditions. Bobby defends Khadijah, until he interprets her request for a hold on salaries as a salary cap (a major sticking point in the baseball labor dispute) and supports the strike. Khadijah insists that money is too tight to give raises, but Max warns her that she is on the verge of losing Flavor. Khadijah re-arranges her finances and agrees to give a modest salary increase. Inspired by a local video clerk's screenwriting success, Kyle and Regine try to pen an action/adventure screenplay.


Living Single

Thanks for Giving

Everyone is surprised by Regine's companion at Thanksgiving dinner--a charming, overweight parcel delivery guy named Darryl who does not meet any of image-conscious Regine's usual date criteria. When Scooter calls Khadijah and tells her that he wants to ask her something at the dinner, she and her friends believe that he is going to propose. She is shocked when he instead tells her that he has been offered a chance to manage a female R&B group and accompany it on a world tour. Scooter becomes angry when Khadijah does not offer her blessing. The group breaks off into boy and girl factions, who each rant about the opposite sex. When everyone re-assembles for dinner, Darryl's touching prayer prompts Khadijah to re-consider and allow Scooter to pursue his dream.


Living Single

Following Is a Sponsored Program

A discouraged Synclaire is unsure about auditioning for an infomercial for a dashboard grill, but Max encourages her to follow her acting aspirations. Regine volunteers Max to drive Synclaire to the audition in order to keep her from hanging around the apartment on her day off. Max confronts the director when he dismisses Synclaire without allowing her to say her lines. He is so impressed by Max's spunk that he gives her the part. Synclaire accuses Max of robbing her of her dream, and begins to lose faith in their friendship. When Synclaire tries to walk off the set during the taping, Max calls her up to the stage as a skeptical customer. They pull off the performance beautifully, but are fired because the director feels there is no place for spontaneity in an infomercial. Synclaire thanks Max for restoring her belief in her acting ability. Overton is wracked with guilt when he continually dreams about the R&B group TLC after falling asleep during its videos.


Living Single

Mommy, Not Dearest

Max's mother, Nina, comes to town to accept an award. Max is confused when her mother insists on staying at her apartment and trying to bond with her, as they never had a particularly close relationship. When her mother decides to reveal that she once had an affair, Max can take no more. She explains that she has always been grateful to her mother for giving her the space she needed to become her own person; things cannot change completely overnight. Nina shows up at the courtroom to console Max after she loses a case, and they decide to build their relationship slowly. Kyle is perplexed as to why Nina has not even been told of his existence. Khadijah finds actor Dean Cain's wallet in a cab, and learns that he will not work until he has retrieved the lucky receipt from the breakfast he ate the day he auditioned for Lois and Clark. She refuses to return the wallet to anyone but Cain himself.


Living Single

He's the One

Regine interviews for a job coordinating a charity event for handsome entrepreneur Dexter Knight. She is stunned to find herself dropping all pretenses and being completely honest with Dexter. Regine believes that she may be hearing wedding bells soon, but comes down to earth when she realizes she can't make the budget for the party. She is forced to cut corners to pull off the event. Khadijah and Max go to the party, using passes from the public defender's office. Several old men hit on Khadijah because she reminds them of a young Pearl Bailey. She later leaves with New York Jets wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson. When Max knocks a glass of wine off a tray, Regine dives in front of Dexter and absorbs the damage. She confesses her budget problems, and admits she is trying to impress him. He kisses her. When everyone gets on Max's case about not giving Overton and Synclaire a wedding gift, she presents them with a blank check. However, she lays a guilt trip on them by saying she will donate any extra money to the charity


Living Single

Mr. Big Shot

Overton wins a contest from McColgan's shaving cream and receives a chance to take a 3-point shot for $10,000 at halftime of a Knicks game. Synclaire seems to be a jinx, as he misses every shot when she steps into the gym, and regains his form the second she leaves. Even slipping a photo of her into his gym bag is enough to bring on the curse. Synclaire refuses to go to the Knick game because she doesn't want to ruin Overton's chance at the money. Overton makes the shot, then calls Synclaire and reveals (on television) that he had worn a T-shirt of the couple together. Meanwhile, Max "borrows" a dress that Regine had designed for Palo Alto and wears it to a function at the mayor's house. Regine tries to warn her that it is a tear-away dress for a catfight scene, but thinks better of it. Max repairs the dress and apologizes to Regine, but also undertakes a long list of vengeful acts against her (including setting her up with RuPaul).


What's Happening

The Tickets

Mama has two tickets to a Stevie Wonder concert and she gives them to Raj. However, Raj now has one tough decision to make, to take Dwayne or Rerun to the concert. Meanwhile, Mama makes a decision on a boarder, who introduces his girlfriend to the family.


What's Happening

Dwayne's Dilemma

Raj has been dying for a date with a girl but soon finds that there is a hitch, in order to go out with her, he needs to find a date for her cousin, Brenda. Dwayne agrees but soon finds himself to be a corner in a love triangle, when Brenda's pushy ex-boyfriend threatens his well-being if he continues to see her.


What's Happening

The Hospital Stay

Raj lands in the hospital and is afraid to face impending surgery. Meanwhile, his roommate is a grouchy ex-baseball player whom Dee befriends and learns that he has kept up a bitter fued between himself and his daughter all because she married a white man.


What's Happening

The Incomplete Shakespeare

Raj writes a story for a new TV show, Central Avenue and can't wait to find out if the producers will buy it. However, Raj is in for a shock on the night the show premieres. It seems the producers have stolen his story and he goes straight down to their offices prepared to sue.


What's Happening

Give Me Odds

Dwayne is in a lucky streak with the system he uses to make bets. This leads Rerun to pass along Dwayne's tips to his brother-in-law, Ike, who bets $500 on a football game. It's only after he's made the bet that everyone discovers just what kind of system Dwayne uses.


What's Happening

From Here To Maternity

Shirley is all excited when she gets a call from her sister, Norma who's coming to town for a visit. However, Shirley is in for a big surprise when she discovers Norma is six months pregnant and Norma is in for an even bigger surprise when she gets a phone call from her fiancee telling her it's over.


What's Happening

Shirley's Date

Raj has sold a kid's story to a children's magazine and to celebrate, throws a party. However, Shirley is reluctant to come because she doesn't want to show up without a date. This leads Raj and Rerun to take steps to get her a date. Raj goes so far as to get her one through an escort service and Rerun cons his brother into asking her.


What's Happening

Puppy Love


What's Happening

Doobie Or Not Doobie - Part 1

The Doobie Brothers are set to put on a concert at the guys' high school and they leave Rerun to get the tickets. However, by the time Rerun gets to the ticket booth, they're sold out. Later, two shady characters offer Rerun free tickets if he just tape records the concert. It is only later that Rerun learns that they are bootleggers and they threaten Rerun, Raj and Dwayne if they don't comply.


What's Happening

Doobie or Not Doobie - Part 2

The bootleggers force the guys into tape recording the concert but while everyone is jumping around, the tape recorder falls out from under Rerun's coat and right in full view of the Doobie Brothers. After some explanations, the guys and the Doobie Brothers set up a trap to catch the bootleggers.


Unsung: Hollywood

What's Happening


What's Happening Now

Mr. First Nighter

Raj writes a theater play, and to help him out in launching the project, his friends agree to take on the production's roles, where it appears they really begin to live out their parts with comical results.


What's Happening Now

Nadine's Surprise

While eavesdropping, Raj mistakenly believes he is soon to became a father, while Nadine has instead planned a different surprise for him.


What's Happening Now

Party Animal

Raj makes a spectacle of himself at Dwayne's party when he drinks too much, dances too much and wakes up with a strange woman.


What's Happening Now

Dwayne's Amiga

Dwayne falls in love with a nurse from El Salvador who, upon returning to her country, is killed when fighting erupts in her village.


What's Happening Now

Daddy's Back

Shirley's truck driving father comes to town but is too busy to attend the banquet when Shirley is named "Business Woman of the Year."


What's Happening Now

Dee and Dwayne

When Dwayne takes Dee to a rock concert, a romance seems to flare up between them, much to the displeasure of protective brother Raj.


Fatal Attraction

Mortal Matrimony

For Juatasha Denton, failure was not in her vocabulary. She always got what she wanted in life and love, and what she wanted most was Ray McCaster.


Fatal Attraction

AWOL Abduction

When Kimberly Parker said “I do” to, Elihue Parker, he promised her the world. But their dreams for a bright future are dashed when Elihue turns up missing. As investigators delve deeper, they uncover a twisted ring of greed and deception that will leave them face to face with pure evil.