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Mary Wells

Before The Supremes, Marvin Gaye or The Temptations, Mary Wells was Motown’s reigning star. Signed to the label at age 17, she had instant success with Smokey Robinson songs like “You Beat Me to the Punch”, “Two Lovers” and “My Guy”, making her the first artist to bring Motown a Grammy nomination, and garnering an invitation to tour with The Beatles, at the height of their own success. Then in a stunning move, Mary walked away from the label in a dispute over money just as her career was peaking, the first major artist to leave Motown. Never able to recapture the success she experienced there, her world came crashing down on and off stage, before she ultimately succumbed to throat cancer at the age of 49. Now, Mary’s close friends, music associates and children come together to provide an intimate look at her life and career, detailing the emotional toll of her fall from the top, and her controversial romances with two Womack brothers that drove both families apart. Twenty years after her passing, “Unsung” finally turns back the spotlight on Motown’s forgotten Queen.


News One Now (Roland Martin)



Sanford & Son

The Over the Hill Gang

Lamont takes Fred down the doctor's office for a checkup and Fred is socked with a large doctor bill. Realizing Fred's financial position, the doctor gives Fred six months to pay his doctor bill. Lamont overhears the conversation and becomes convinced Fred only has six months to live. Thinking Fred is dying, he rallies friends and family to prepare a party and try to get Lena Horne to pay Fred another visit.


Sanford & Son

The Oddfather

Fred lands in the hospital after an accident in which Fred accidentally witnesses a murder attempt. With a guarded hospital room, Fred becomes suspicious of everyone since the real criminal wants him killed. However, Fred is after the reward money he'll get if he testifies despite putting his life on the line.


Sanford & Son

Donna Pops the Question

Donna receives a marriage proposal from another man and she decides to base her answer on whether or not Fred is ever going to ask her. Fred must make the choice now as to whether or not he is going to marry Donna. This leads Fred into turmoil and leads him to ask Elizabeth a heart felt question on whether or not she would object to him remarrying.


Sanford & Son

The Olympics

Saturday night sees Fred heading over to Donna's for a date that he didn't tell her about before hand. Once he arrives, he discovers Donna already has a date with a man who's won the decathlon every year in the Senior Olympics. Wanting to outdo him, Fred decides to compete in the Olympics this year and beat his romantic competition.


Sanford & Son

Divorce, Sanford Style

Aunt Esther is fed up with her husband, Woodrow and has decided to end her marriage. She has become convinced that he's seeing other women behind her back and becomes even more convinced when Fred tries to hook him up with a swinger. Refusing to live in the same house with Woody, Esther moves in with Fred and Lamont.


Sanford & Son

Bank on This

Julio has moved out of his house and Fred and Lamont decide to buy it and turn it into a boarding house and call it The Sanford Arms. To get enough money for the project, Fred and Lamont go down to the bank to apply for a loan but soon find themselves hostages in a bank robbery attempt.


Sanford & Son

The TV Addict

Fred has been watching way too much television and Lamont suggests that he go out and get some exercise. Fred scoffs and refuses which leads to an argument which results in the television breaking. Lamont refuses to get it fixed until Fred agrees to start exercising. Lamont later brings in a doctor to hypnotize Fred to help him get over his television addiction.


Sanford & Son

The Sanford Arms

Julio's house has been transformed into Fred and Lamont's boarding house called The Sanford Arms. Now they've come to the task of finding some boarders and soon find themselves bombarded with an endless supply of crazies, including a hooker, an ex-con, a hippie, a newlywed couple, and Hoppy's eccentric mother.


Sanford & Son

Earthquake II

Fred wakes up one morning to discover what looks like a robbery took place but learns that there was a small earthquake overnight. Grady breaks the news that a big one is scheduled to hit on the 6th and a fed up Fred decides to sell the house and move. Meanwhile, Fred heads to Las Vegas to avoid the earthquake on the 6th and has a run in with Merv Griffin and Steve and Eydie.


Sanford & Son

Brother, Can You Spare an Act

Fred's sister, Frances and her white husband, Rodney have been having some hard times and they stop by to ask Fred if they could stay with him for awhile. Meanwhile, problems at the Sanford Arms has Fred considering giving Rodney a job as general manager. But Rodney may not accept it since he's scheduled to perform in an act at a nightclub.


Sanford & Son

Steinberg and Son

Fred and Lamont are appalled when they see a sitcom, Steinberg and Son which amazing seems to be modeled on the life of Fred and Lamont. Fred and Lamont decide to check it out themselves and go to a taping of an episode and are shocked to see the similarites. In fact, the only thing different from the sitcom and Fred and Lamont's lives are the names of the characters and the fact that the cast is white. Lamont and Fred hire a lawyer and prepare a million dollar lawsuit againt the producers.


Sanford & Son

My Fair Esther

Lamont is a judge for the Miss Watts Business Wife and the winner of the pageant wins $1,000. Fred quickly makes it clear that he will do anything to get his hands on the money. He even agrees to transform Aunt Esther into an elegant beauty as part of a bet he has with her husband, Woody.


Sanford & Son

Greatest Show in Watts

A tenant at The Sanford Arms doesn't have enough money for the rent so he leaves Fred his pet elephant as collateral. Fred quickly finds a city official on his back for keeping an elephant in the neighborhood and he quickly comes up with an idea to make some money: put on a mini-circus. Bubba plays a clown, Esther a fire-eater, and Lamont a weight lifter.


Sanford & Son

Della, Della, Della

The Sanford home has become a campaign headquarters for the candidate Bob Williams and Fred wants nothing to do with it. However, once Fred discovers, Della Reese is working on the campaign of Williams' opponent, he goes all out for it even thought he's not for the candidate.


Sanford & Son

Can You Chop This

Lamont has been saving for acting school and has just enough money. Meanwhile, Fred sees a commercial for a get rich quick scheme and decides to give it a try. Thus, he invests Lamont's money in a supply of Whopper Choppers that he must try to sell. However, selling them is the hard part.


Sanford & Son

Sanford and Son Rising

Lamont's friend, Ah Chew cooks dinner for the Sanfords one evening and a wary Fred is quite impressed at how good the food is. This leads Fred and Ah Chew to start a takeout business together with the headquarters in the Sanford home. Fred soon realizes that they should expand the business and turn the house into a Japanese restaurant.


Sanford & Son

Fred Sanford Has a Baby

Lamont leaves town with Rollo to go on a fishing trip but before he goes, he makes a bet with Fred. He is sure Fred won't make money during the week he is gone. Fred sets to prove him wrong by renting out Lamont's room. Fred finds himself in a bind when the pregnant girl he boarded goes into labor.


Sanford & Son

Lamont in Love

Lamont has been seeing Janet for quite awhile and Lamont thinks he's in love. But he doesn't know too much about her and hasn't wanted to push her into telling him. Thus, Fred decides to find out exactly what she's hiding and he goes undercover with Aunt Esther to dig up the dirt.


Sanford & Son

The Escorts

In another get rich quick scheme, Fred decides to go down to an escort service with a friend of his and try to apply as escorts. Flatly rejected, Fred decides to open his own escort service complete with false advertising which results in Fred having to escort three ladies in one night.


Sanford & Son

The Engagement Man Always Rings Twice

Lamont has been seeing Janet for some time now and he has decided to pop the question. Lamont tells Fred of his plans and he is happy for him. Unfortunately, Fred also discovers after the wedding that the couple does not want to live with Fred.


Sanford & Son

A Pain in the Neck

Fred is being honored with the Watts Businessman-of-the-Year Award and he's all hyped up about accepting it. However, an unexpected turn of events lands Fred with a serious back problem and takes up means to try to get rid of it, including, acupuncture, meditation and a corset.


Sanford & Son

Camping Trip

Fred and Lamont go on a camping trip in the wilderness but Fred quickly gets sick of the great outdoors and demands that they return home. However, they quickly realize that they are stranded when the truck refuses to start. This leads father and son to reminisce about times they have spent together. Fred and Lamont recall scenes from previous episodes including: My Kingdom for a Horse, Earthquake II and The Engagement Man Always Rings Twice


Sanford & Son

The Director

Lamont has gotten a part in a community play and has great news, George Foreman has agreed to appear in it as well. Dying to meet the boxer, Fred intrudes on the rehearsals and drives the director up the wall, which leads him to quit. This is when Fred steps in as director and makes some immediate changes.


Sanford & Son

Sergeant Gork

While Fred is babysitting his soon-to-be grandson, Roger helps a customer and sells him some junk including three medals. After Fred learns of Roger's sale he envisions a story about just how he got those medals. Fred's story has him as a Patton like character fighting during World War II and battling espionage.


Good Times

JJ Becomes a Man - Part 1

J.J.'s 18th birthday has James and Florida in a fit when they find out they won't be able to give J.J. the art supplies he wanted because James' credit has been reduced to 0. After the birthday party, news hits the Evans family that J.J. has been arrested for robbing a liquor store.


Good Times

JJ Becomes a Man - Part 2

J.J. is taken down to the police station for questioning in the liquor store robbery. The family gathers there and tries to think up ways to raise enough money for J.J.'s bail and ultimately consider taking money from a loan shark.


Good Times

My Girl Henrietta

Florida thinks it's strange that she has never met the often talked about Henrietta, J.J.'s girlfriend. So when she calls the Evans home, Florida invites her over for dinner. Meanwhile, J.J. makes an announcement that he has been thinking of asking Henrietta to marry him. This sends shockwaves through the Evans household, but things really get touchy when Henrietta shows up at the door, pregnant.


Good Times

Florida the Matchmaker

A wedding has Florida realizing that Willona is the only friend of hers left that isn't married. So this leads Florida to try her hand at matchmaking, and matches her with Duane, friend of James'. However, Florida is a little crestfallen, when Duane leaves the wedding early, claiming he doesn't feel well and she thinks her matchmaking plans have failed, that is until they arrive the next day at the Evans door, together.


Good Times

The TV Commercial

Florida comes home from the supermarket with great news, she's been offered a role in a TV commercial. What's even better is the pay she will get, $5,000. However, once she reads the script and tests the product, Florida has second thoughts.


Good Times

Black Jesus

J.J.'s painting of a Black Jesus, becomes the family's good luck charm after a string of success hits each family member. However, Florida refuses to entertain the notion that the painting had anything to do with the recent string of "good times".


Good Times

The House Guest

A childhood friend of James' arrives for a visit and quickly his gambling problem becomes an Evans family problem when two hoods show up looking for him to pay off a $5000 debt. Meanwhile, with a houseguest, J.J., Michael and James must learn to share the pull out couch in the living room.


Good Times

A Real Cool Job

After taking some courses at a trade school, James has graduated and now has a chance at getting better paying jobs. However, James soon, finds that he's still in the same old situation, of having a hard time finding work period. So, when he is finally offered a job, he accepts it despite the fact that there is one catch, it's in Alaska.


Good Times

Operation Florida

Florida has had a pain in her side for the last two weeks but doesn't want to see a doctor out of fear of the cost. However, when James learns of her dilemma he decides to pay any cost for Florida's treatment, even after he learns she has to have a gallbladder operation.


Good Times

Love in the Ghetto

Thelma has great news, she's engaged to her latest boyfriend, but she's nervous about breaking the news to James and Florida. Later, her opinion of great news differs greatly with her parents who hit the roof after learning this, and in a surprise move, J.J. is on Thelma's side.


Unsung: Hollywood

Redd Foxx

Red Foxx's comedic career and his role in "Sanford & Son."


Unsung: Hollywood

Richard Roundtree


Fatal Attraction

Sheryl Outerbridge

Sheryl Outerbridge was a young budding executive with a boyfriend she considered her knight in shining armor. But when she’s shot to death, even her closest friends are shocked by the revelations of her secret love life


Fatal Attraction

Antoinetta McKoy

When Antoinetta McKoy's family reports her missing, detectives are already on the hunt for a missing 4-year-old boy in the same area of Durham, North Carolina. The hunt for these two people is about to lead investigators inside a house of horrors where despicable acts are committed in the name of love.