Hip hop group “Whodini”

With a string of up-tempo, R&B inflected hits in the mid to late 1980’s, the New York bred rap trio dominated the Billboard charts to become one of rap’s first superstars. With hits like "Friends" and "Five Minutes of Funk," Whodini mastered making danceable music that was reflective and thoughtful. Along with the perks of success, Whodini battled cocaine addictions, squabbles over money and clashing egos, which ultimately caused the group to break up. Yet the group never completely lost sight of their earlier ambitions, reuniting after realizing they were stronger together than apart. For Unsung, Whodini’s members tell the story of a fun-loving, trailblazing brotherhood who have survived three decades of wild ups and downs.

What do you think of this Unsung story? Who do you think is unsung? Tell us in the comments, below.


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