PHOTOS: UnSung Season 7 Starts – Martha Wash


For over 30 years, Martha Wash has kept people on their feet as the Queen of dance music, dominating the genre with a gospel-infused voice that fueled a string of Top 10 hits. Beginning as one half of Sylvester’s powerhouse duo, Two Tons O’ Fun, she exploded on the dance scene as a Weather Girl on the infectious club anthem ‘It’s Raining Men’ and continued on to top the charts as a soloist, with songs like “Carry On” and “Give It to You.” Martha’s biggest success, however, came in 1991 when she lent her vocals to three chart-topping Black Box singles, most notably “Everybody, Everybody” along with the C+C Music Factory smash “Gonna Make U Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).” But when the music videos for these songs were released, Martha was nowhere to be found, as imposters lip-synched her greatest hits. In this episode of ‘Unsung,’ with the help of friends that include RuPaul and Paul Schafer, Martha Wash opens up about her private struggles, the battle to reclaim her voice and her enduring musical journey.


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