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Imunique Jefferson is back and bigger than ever!

Tyana goes on a date with a fast-talking Romeo.

Alphonso McAuley and Bresha Webb crack each other up while filming promos for Love That Girl.

Latrell has the crew in stitches when he channels Michael Jackson in rehearsal.

Latrell and Pops get an eyeful of Tyana's sexy new neighbor.

Tyana and Latrell get a visit from a little girl with some big attitude.

Tyana discovers that her fancy French client is running game on her.

Nefertiti moves in on Ben, and Tyana is a little upset.

The sparks fly between Tyana and Nefertiti in rehearsal.

Go behind the scenes as the cast reads through the latest script.

Tyana works out some anger issues when she steps into the boxing ring.