After beating Peaches and leaving her afraid for her life, Ronnie returns with a gun.

A high school football star recounts the story of the tackle that put him in a wheelchair.

With her own heart damaged, DZhana was now waiting for a transplant. But would it work?

What looked like a routine tackle, broke Rocky's neck and left him paralyzed.

Rocky was an elite high school athlete with dreams of college scholarships and a shot at the NFL.

After arresting Gladys' attacker, police turn him loose, unsure who's telling the truth.

Peaches' mother and son sit by her bedside as she fights to survive a gunshot to the head.

After surviving her ordeal and with a bullet still in her head, Peaches suffers a seizure brought on by pregnancy.

Gladys tells the story of being abducted by a mass murderer.

Walking down a dark street, Gladys is attacked from behind and wakes up imprisoned in a strange house.

After living 118 days with an artificial heart, D'Zhana survives heart and kidney transplants.

Strung out on drugs, Ronnie shoots his wife, Peaches, in the head.