Charles Weems is owner of a softare company in Atlanta. He describes a good man as "Focused, goal oriented and not afraid to go after what they want in life."

Charles E. Weems III, 31, is a software engineer and business owner. He says, "I hold very high are trust in God and honesty."

Meet Vincent Hockett, he says "Taking care of whatever needs to be done in the relationship, it could be financial or otherwise."

Meet Troy Vaughan III, believes monogamy is "More than sexual fidelity, it's becomes devoting yourself to someone else."

Meet Michael Good, he says "Honesty is an asset because it opens the door for trust and trust is the foundation of all relationships."

Meet Robert Stewert, he believes confidence is attractive.

Meet Rich Owens, "In music and in business one of the things that is synonymous with relationships is paying attention to detail."

Rich Owens is a 32-year-old international business management consultant. He says relationships should not be one-sided, and values cooperative effort.

Robert Stewart is a 34-year-old celebrity chef and restaurant owner in Atlanta.

Michael Mario Good, 34, is an Actor, Founder & CEO of Good Acting Studio.

Troy Vaughan is a 33-year-old project coordinator at a non-profit, at-risk youth drop in center in Atlanta, GA.

Vincent Hockett, age 37, is a Systems Engineer for a Fortune 500 computer company.