Photo by: (Left): Diahann Carroll by Bettmann/Contributor. (Middle): The Cast of The Jeffersons by Bettmann/ Contributor. (Right): Mo’Nique by Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic. As we continue celebrating the culture during Black History Month, we must look at our past to continue making great strides. And if you know TV One, then you know that we are all […]

Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress Mary Alice, best known for her roles as Leticia “Lettie” Bostic on A Different World, Effie Williams in the 1976 musical Sparkle and Rose Maxson in the 1987 production of Fences, has died, Variety reports. She was 85. Alice died Wednesday in her Manhattan home, according to NYPD. However, additional details regarding her death have […]

Comedian Paul Mooney passed away at his Oakland, California home on Wednesday after suffering a heart attack.

Celebrate the life of this genius comedian with a look at how he became friends with . . . Malcolm X?

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