Cold Chillin’ Records was home to hip-hop royalty! 👑 A 14-year-old battle rapper named Lolita Shantè from Queensbridge Projects later became Roxanne Shante. The legendary MC held her own next to anyone and opened doors for generations of female rappers who came after her! Learn the story behind the all-star music label in an all-new […]

As we continue to honor #IconsoftheCulture, we are also celebrating one of the influential musical genres, Hip-Hop.

TV One will celebrate Black Music Month with the premiere of an original GO-GO music documentary, 'The Beat Don't Stop.'

Shannon brought you, 'No Pain'. Dru Hill gave us, 'Beauty.' Here are 19 songs from season 11 of TV One's music documentary Unsung.

When Roxanne Shanté returned to music the industry was crowded with new female rappers. To stand out she released ‘Big Mama,’ a dis record that held nothing back!

When her mother started struggling with alcoholism, Roxanne Shanté did what she could to survive. Her future seemed dark until a chance encounter changed everything.

So Nicki dropped to her knees to praise Lauryn Hill. But L-Boogie isn't the only female MC she could give props to.