{"description":"You think all good men are taken, but relationship expert Hasani Pettiford proves you're wrong! Meet Hasani's Seven Bachelors that possess the qualities of a great man!","secondary-image":434}

Charles E. Weems III, 31, is a software engineer and business owner. He says, "I hold very high are trust in God and honesty."

Rich Owens is a 32-year-old international business management consultant. He says relationships should not be one-sided, and values cooperative effort.

Robert Stewart is a 34-year-old celebrity chef and restaurant owner in Atlanta.

Michael Mario Good, 34, is an Actor, Founder & CEO of Good Acting Studio.

Troy Vaughan is a 33-year-old project coordinator at a non-profit, at-risk youth drop in center in Atlanta, GA.

Vincent Hockett, age 37, is a Systems Engineer for a Fortune 500 computer company.

Devin T. Robinson X "Egypt", 29, is a full time actor and activist. I believe in exclusivity, loyalty and God before everything.