Rickey and Brandon continue their sit-down with Spirit. Gary gives Da Brat’s artist Cornbread his rendition of media training. D’Essence confides a life long dream to Rickey. Brat and Craig have a falling out over Craig’s lying.

D’Essence helps Cynthia Bailey. Craig confesses Rickey. Gary secures Rickey`s support. Brandon considers a career in comedy.

Yikes! No one said chasing your dreams would be easy and D'Essence is learning the hard way you have to be on your A-game when you’re interviewing some of the world’s biggest stars.

Things are almost always awkward when you introduce your little sisters to your new girlfriend. Watch what happens when Brandon finally makes the introduction.

While D'Essence is wondering how Erron found her, Craig is wondering if he needs to beat Erron's ass!

No one is ready for their kids to grow up (there’s a reason parents cry at graduations), and if there is one part of adulthood parents really dread is the thought of their kid entering the realm of sex. But like death and taxes, it is a topic that cannot be avoided. Or can it? […]