As TV One continues to represent 24/7 for the culture this #BlackHistoryMonth, @schomburgcenter's very own Kadiatou Tubman, Manager of Education Programs and Outreach at the historic institution schooled us on five things that you weren't taught in school!

Photo by: Bettmann/ Contributor It’s vital to understand the past in order to make strides in the future! As Black History Month continues, here’s another look at the evolution of Black sitcoms.  After the groundbreaking sitcom Julia ended, there was a lack of dialogue on racial issues and the lives of most Black Americans were […]

Photo by: (Left): Diahann Carroll by Bettmann/Contributor. (Middle): The Cast of The Jeffersons by Bettmann/ Contributor. (Right): Mo’Nique by Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic. As we continue celebrating the culture during Black History Month, we must look at our past to continue making great strides. And if you know TV One, then you know that we are all […]

Photo by: AR Graphics/Getty Images Black History Month is officially here! At TV One, where we represent the culture 24/7, Black History is celebrated every day. However, it’s important to truly understand what Black history and the month of February mean to the Black community. Here’s a crash course on how Black History Month got […]

Photo by: Amanda Ashley/Amanda Ashley As we’ve settled into the new year, many people are sticking to a typical new year’s resolution of saying goodbye to stress! We fully acknowledge that from 2020 to 2021, we were all glad to say goodbye to the things that troubled us. Many vowed to no longer hang on […]

(Photo by Ding Xu/Xinhua via Getty Images) If you’re not familiar with the name Erin Jackson, you should definitely get used to hearing it! The 29-year-old U.S. speedskater made history over the weekend as the first Black woman to win an individual Olympic medal in any speedskating event. (Yes ma’am!) She is also the first American woman to […]

In a recent social media post that has now gone viral, a Florida educator introduced us to her students from a few years ago who left class with an unforgettable lesson. You gotta keep reading if: you didn’t instantly know what video we were referring to, and your vibe is just unapologetically Black. We’re telling […]

Photo by: Michael Kovac/Contributor From Ann Lowe to Telfar Clemens, Black Americans have always set the standard for fashion, contributing a plethora of most memorable moments, trends and more. As we celebrate Black History Month and #Represent247, TV One is shining a light on Black designers who have revolutionized the industry’s history and paved the way […]

As we continue to recognize African-Americans’ contributions to society throughout Black History Month, we have to shine a light on the spaces that we’ve always been allowed to show up in authentically as our true selves. With more than 100 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) across the country, these college campuses and their unparalleled experience […]

As we kick off Black History Month, TV One is celebrating by honoring the past and inspiring the future! This year’s theme REPRESENT 24/7 is all about acknowledging the legacy of Black Excellence. The celebration journeys through the evolution of Black music and grants access to the stories behind the artists on Unsung Presents: The Decades 70s/80s, and […]

Photo by: Bev Grant/Contributor During Black History Month, TV One is commemorating the achievements of African-American scholars, poets, politicians, and activists who have made extraordinary contributions to the Black community and the world. Black History Month evolved from “Negro History Week,” established Feb. 7, 1926, by Carter G. Woodson, a Black historian and founder of […]

Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter and philanthropist Ciara is teaming up with Meta, formerly Facebook, to help Black-owned businesses “level-up.” Their partnership comes after the company said “Meta’s Global State of Small Business Report has revealed that Black-owned small businesses have faced higher closure rates and more lost sales than their peers.” We teamed up with @Ciara […]