Bella Noche party

Source: @daeemarie / Twitter

Club Bella Noche is still getting motion. The Baton Rouge club is still lit, per X, formerly known as Twitter, as video footage of party night during LSU Homecoming has gone viral.


But first, you might need background on Bella Noche. Eight years ago, Hazel London, and her homegirl Jerhonda Henderson, were the guests at a wedding that was marred by a shooting. The location of the ill-fated nuptials was Bella Noche, and London was absolutely flummoxed that a good time was ruined by a shooting outside the venue and she let local news station WBRZ know exactly why.

“It’s upsetting me and my homegirl cause we feel like, Well damn if you can’t go to Bella Noches [sic], where the hell couls you go?!,” she said, her charismatic delivery quickly making the vid go viral.

Fast forward to 2023, and clearly Bella Noche is still lit. As reported by Madame Noire, a new clip of an assembled crowd of partygoers having an absolute blast at the infamous venue has gone viral in 2023.

The video of a Saturday night (Oct. 21) party features BBE AJ performing his “SlaughterHouse 3’Mix” in a bright yellow Moschino sweatshirt, a partygoer with a whistle (who is on beat) and a jam-packed crowd bouncing along.

If Bella Noche is like this every weekend, book it as a destination. Hopefull the whole guns in the parking lot vibes have settled. We understand now, Hazel London, and her homegirl Jerhonda Henderson, we understand. Peep more reactions in the gallery.

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