1. Create Black Girl Magic Month

True, we already have Black history month but as President Winfrey shows testament to, we need a month to remember how specifically incredible Black women are.

2. Make Healthcare Cozy Again

Everyone needs self-care and so we demand that items such as slippers, large robes, Chamomile tea and Netflix accounts be covered by OprahCare.

3. Create a Tax Incentive for Reading

Look, we don’t know how this would work exactly, but giving people a tax break for reading (magazines and Facebook don’t count) seems like a good idea.

4. Make Election Day a Holiday

Because people shouldn’t worry about losing their jobs when trying to find time to elect the next President of the United States.

5. Mandatory Fridays Off

Oprah was famous for saying that “your best life is waiting.” Yes, it is waiting . . . . for 5pm on Friday so let’s make the work week four days long instead.