1. Goodwill Ambassador: Lupita Nyong’o

If you thought the hate for her hubby-in-chief was bad, wait till you see the haters come for Michelle. No worries, greeting them with beauty and poise will be Ms. Lupita whose undeniable grace and beauty will calm all nerves.

2. Secretary of Slay: Beyonce

Michelle can’t just walk into a press conference like the 44 presidents did before (even though Barack did have a nice lil stroll). No, we’re gonna need her to enter Squaded-Up! We’re talking flying sparks, matching outfits and coordination out the ying-yang. And who else then Bey to make it happen?

3. Department of Side-Eye: Angela Rye

You see that look on Angela Rye’s face? That’s what happens when someone says something stupid and she is two seconds from reading your behind with undeniable facts that will leave your head spinning. She will ensure that no one gets ANYTHING twisted about President Michelle.

4. Secretary of Defense: Serena Williams

Nuff said.

5. Attorney General: Marilyn Mosby

The Baltimore prosecutor showed big cojones when taking her own city to task for the death of Freddie Gray ALL while looking pretty damn flawless.