1. Bobby DeBarge

Played by Roshon Fegan, Bobby DeBarge’s undisputed talent and style made him an icon, but the ghosts from his past were just too plenty to overcome.

2. The DeBarge Brothers

Bobby, El, James, and Tommy, the gangs all here! The Bobby DeBarge Story shares the story of this family’s rise to fame.

3. Etterlene DeBarge

Portrayed by Tyra Ferrell she was known as “Mama DeBarge” this God-fearing mother of the 10 DeBarge siblings, had to escape an abusive marriage to protect her children.

4. El DeBarge

Brought to life by Bruno Rose, El was sixth out of the family’s ten siblings and lead singer of DeBarge. All of them were talented, but there was something special about El.

5. James DeBarge

Played by Adrian Marcel, James was the shy but smooth DeBarge brother who infamously eloped with Janet Jackson and had some unsettled bones with big brother Bobby.

6. Tommy DeBarge

Blue Kimble took on the role of Tommy, member of the funk band Switch and one of the oldest DeBarge brothers, he tried to keep his family successful and together.

7. Gregory Williams

Portrayed by Lloyd, Greg was not a DeBarge but was close like family. As the founder of Switch, he knew that the beginning of DeBarge meant the end of his band.