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After many delays, Jerry Lorenzo’s collaboration with adidas, Fear Of God Athletics, is finally (almost) here. However, the alleged prices of the first delivery of gear might have you getting selective with how many pieces you’ll actually purchase.


To be clear, Lorenzo’s proper Fear Of God brand is known for pricey items like $695 hoodies. More power to you if your bank account allows such purchases. But, his Fear Of God Essentials line offers gear at a more affordable price point, although $90 hoodies (check that, they’re now $100) are first-world level problems when it comes to accessibility. You could get a just as cozy Champion Reverse Weave hoodie for much cheaper, but that’s another story for another day.

Back to the adidas x Fear Of God pseudo controversy in certain annales of X, formerly known as Twitter—if you want a suede fleece hoodie from that collection, it will cost you a smooth $395. This is according to @KicksFinder which dropped a list of the items and its prices, which aren’t on the official site yet, that promptly had pocket watching X going off. While it’s in between the lofty FOG and takedown Essentials price points, that’s like two pairs of J’s money right there.

Some X users are offering their opinions. Don’t blame the messenger, we just compiled some of the better reactions for archival purposes.

Also, ya shoulda known…

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