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Rapper Jeezy sits down with actress Nia Long in a one-on-one conversation in conjunction with his newest album, I Might Forgive… But I Don’t Forget. The unusual pair have an hour-long conversation about love, family, relationships and forgiveness. Check out what fans are saying about their insightful discussion inside.

Jeezy released his latest album on Nov. 3. It became the first album he debuted since the departure from Def Jam after nearly two decades. The project was released through his CTE New World imprint.

To continue the marketing rollout for the new album, Jeezy shared an introspective conversation with actress Nia Long titled “I Might Forgive…But I Don’t Forget,” the same name as the album. Though they seemed like an unlikely pair to have a discussion surrounding the ideologies within the album, the two have a lot more in common than fans might believe.

Jeezy and Nia start by discussing their relationships with their parents, which leads to the conversation of forgiveness. The conversation leads to what most fans anticipated – their divorces.

Many fans had a lot to say online about a few clips that have since circulated since the conversation premiered less than 21 hours ago. One was of Nia saying, “You gotta know when it’s time to be done,” speaking about leaving relationships. It led to her sharing her views on why most men cheat.

Jeezy responded with, “that’s fascinating to me.” He goes on to say, “Real n*ggas don’t cheat.”

Nia hilariously responds, “I kind of understand what you mean by that.”

That prompted social media users to send the actress trending on social media. The Scorpion recently celebrated her 53rd birthday on Oct. 30. Fans were already reminiscing on her timeless beauty, classic cinema clips and her effortless appeal, but this latest interview has them chatting even more.

Watch the full conversation here.

Check out what fans are saying about the conversation below:

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