1. What did Steve do to her momma?

2. Now THIS is an idea!

3. The impersonations have already started flowing in

4. We all have that one uncle

5. Steve is a storyteller

6. Swizz Beats steps in!

7. I think we can all agree this would be all of our reactions

8. Where’s the lie?

9. Everything Marjorie Harvey told Steve went in one ear and out the other

10. A mood

11. You can tell he had been practicing for this moment!

12. He was in his element

13. Now why’d they have to drag Kevin Hart into this?

14. All that was missing was the grilling shoes

15. Y’all play too much!

16. What do you think his drink of choice was for the night?

17. The power that coat must hold

18. “We are unmatched.”

19. It was truly Steve Harvey vs. Millennials

20. Twitter has no mercy!