NeNe Leakes HelloBeautiful Cover January 2024

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NeNe Leakes graces the cover of HelloBeautiful’s January issue, where she’s speaking up, speaking out, and speaking joy over her life. The beloved media personality and Queen of Reality TV discusses how she’s starting her year with intention. We stan the Real Housewives star so much that we curated a special gallery to celebrate her cover.

In the HelloBeautiful cover issue, Leakes speaks with Danielle Young about how she is leading 2024 with intention. While she may have often been viewed as the show’s villain, NeNe is leaning into her various other sides.

She said what she said.

“I know all the things that I did [on Housewives],” Leakes shares in the story. “And I know all of the memes that are out there. I know when Real Housewives started, I was the OG. I was the one that was there pushing and making every scene, as much as I could, a great scene.”

NeNe relives her time on Bravo’s most successful franchise to date, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

“I know the work that was put in behind the scenes that the people who are viewing the show, just don’t know,” NeNe continues. “I can’t call myself a queen [of the housewives and reality tv] but I see why people call me that and I received it.”

The entertainer goes on to share what it’s like being in the industry and being a public figure. NeNe talks about having to keep up her appearance with plastic surgery, saying it’s a form of “self-love.”

“Being in the industry and being a public figure, it’s definitely pressure there to look beautiful,” Leakes shared. “Look your best, stay small, look healthy, all of those things and keep up with the latest trends. There’s definitely pressure there to do that. I felt that pressure myself.”

She goes on to say, “You do have to keep up. You do have to keep yourself looking great. Now, I don’t have a problem doing that because I’m one of those girls who, I will be fighting to the end honey!”

As for her stance on plastic surgery, Leakes shares why it’s such a huge trend right now.

“I think plastic surgery is self love,” NeNe begins. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and plastic surgery is such a huge trend right now, everybody’s getting everything done.”

NeNe believes it’s all part of the journey to “loving on yourself.”

Well, Ms. Leakes looks damn good! That’s for certain. Be sure to check out the full cover issue on HelloBeautiful here.

Check out a gallery of NeNe’s beautiful photos below:

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1. ATE

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2. Choosing Joy

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3. Yes, Queen!

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4. Hottie

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5. The MOST

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6. Hello, Beautiful!

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7. Wait A Minute, Ms. Leakes!

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8. Struttin’ in the Streets

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9. This Barbie Works Out

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10. She Said What She Said