1. Beyonce and Jay-Z

We know they had their “On the Run” tour but we need a legit album that gives us those “Dangerously in Love” vibes we miss.

2. Sade

The last time Sade released an album, Barack was still barely the President and iPhone 4 was NEW. Doesn’t she know we need her back to slay us without regard?

3. Xscape

All these talented women are still alive, well and making moves so why can’t they get in the studio and make our dreams come true?

4. Zhane

Some of you young bucks might be scratching your heads, but you know that smooth sound you love from Jill Scott, Frank Ocean and Erykah — they all owe to these two Philly singers who could still make a reunion album happen.

5. Shalamar

Watching that Howard Hewett episode of Unsung just whet our appetite for a reunion. Now, we’re not sure what it would take to get these three back in a studio (not even Babyface could do it), but here’s to hoping it will happen.

6. The Fugees

Speaking of groups hard to get back together, The Fugees had their fare share of falling out but the time is ripe for these three to bring their unique brand of island-infused hip hop to the airwaves.

7. Aaliyah

It’s been 15 years without her and we think the wounds have healed enough for us to NEED some unreleased tracks from our fallen R&B princess. Bring some top line producers and talent and this could be album of the year.