1. Carl Winslow

Played by Reginald VelJohnson on ‘Family Matters’

2. Mark “Flex” Washington

Played by Flex Alexander on ‘One on One’

3. Fred Sanford

Played by Red Foxx on ‘Sanford and Son’

4. David Mann

Played by himself on ‘The Manns’ reality show

5. Philip Banks, aka Uncle Phil

Played by James Avery on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’

6. Andre “Dre” Johnson

Played by Anthony Anderson on ‘black-ish’

7. Randall Pearson

Played by Sterling K. Brown on ’This is Us’

8. Jefferson Pierce

Played by Cress Williams on ‘Black Lightening’

9. George Jefferson

Played by Sherman Hemsley on ’The Jeffersons’

10. Ralph Angel Bordelon

Played by Kofi Siriboe on ‘Queen Sugar’

11. Joe Carmichael

Played by David Allen Grier on ’The Carmichael Show’

12. James Evans, Sr.

Played by John Amos on ‘Good Times’

13. Michael Kyle

Played by Damon Wayans on ‘My Wife and Kids’

14. Ray Campbell

Played by Tim Reid on ‘Sister Sister’

15. Lester Jenkins

Played by Hal Williams on ‘227’

16. Bernard “Bernie” McCullough

Played by Bernie Mac on ’The Bernie Mac Show’

17. Frank Mitchell

Played by William Allen Young on ‘Moesha’

18. Rickey Smiley

Played by Rickey Smiley on ‘The Rickey Smiley Show’

19. John “Pops” Williams

Played by John Witherspoon on ’The Wayans Bros.’

20. Cliff Huxtable

We know! We know! We’re not talking about the actor, Bill Cosby! We’re talking about the character — Rudy’s dad!