Fatal Attraction

A young woman is found dead in her bathtub under mysterious circumstances. Was it an overdose, an accidental drowning, or something more sinister? Find out March 11th 9p/8c on TV One.

When a 911 call reports an apartment on fire, police arrive to find a young woman lying on her bedroom floor, unresponsive. As firefighters clear the apartment, they discover that it was no accident. But was it an unfortunate tragedy or a plan to cover up the truth?

A transgender teenager's quest of living her truth tragically comes to an end when she goes missing at the age of 17. Investigators discover that she was bullied and misunderstood as they pursue her killer, but was this the cause of her demise?

Samuel's fiancée, Erica reveals that Vanessa would go to great lengths to punish him. Could this play a role in his death?

A young bus driver mysteriously disappears, and his body is later found in a San Antonio cemetery. The truth is revealed when investigators continue their inquiries and learn that a complex murder plot was meticulously planned by a master puppeteer.

Shania's friend, Jessica informs investigators of some shocking details leading up to the murders of Shania Copeland, and Leotis Lester!

As investigators continue to track down the murderer of 17-year-old Brayla Stone. Could someone put a bounty on her head? Or could this be a troll?

The terrible case of a young woman who vanishes after a night out with friends has reopened thanks to new information from Mara S. Campo and Carlos Greer. After several days of looking,