Blair Underwood and his wife Desiree DaCosta are calling it quits. The actor and DaCosta announced the news in a joint statement on Instagram this week. After 27 years of marriage and three children together, the couple has decided to divorce. “After a tremendous amount of thought, prayer, and work on ourselves individually and collectively, […]

Photo courtesy of Mental Mayhem We’re suckers for a good love story. Make it a black love story, add a proposal, and a surprise wedding and you’ll have us eating out the palm of your hand. The latest case are The Duncans, now socially known as #ForeverDuncan: Talk about bae goals! Here’s how Black Twitter […]

Sometimes the red flags are obvious but our reactions may vary! Are you willing to call them out?

Let’s keep it honest, ladies. We know nice guys are what we need, but bad boys are what we want. We want our bad boys to be multi-dimensional, though. To catch our eye, not only does he need to have that bad boy flair and charm, he has to be able to express himself (artistically, […]

No need for a tell-all book when you’re The Game, just put your past romances in your latest rap song. In the song “Sauce,” The Game states.. “I used to f*ck b*tches that Usher Raymond passed off / Then I f*cked three Kardashians, hold that thought.” Now, we’re not sure what girl he’s referring to […]

Attraction is tricky. Some may argue that having a specific criteria for the people that you date such as race, height, etc., is a matter of genetics and personal preference. Others may say that the stem of these specific preferences are rooted in discrimination. But what if you could get even more specific than race […]

Academy Award winner Mo’Nique, and hubby, Sidney Hicks, aren’t afraid to bring you into their marital business. Promoting a brand new podcast, the couple sat with The Preachers and revealed that yes, they are in an open marriage, and no, the idea wasn’t Sidney’s: The idea of open marriages seem extremely taboo in today’s time. Perhaps it’s the […]

It’s hard introducing your children to your new spouse. Some children find it hard to accept such a new addition to their family. However, for the Wilson family, it seems like that’s simply not the case, especially for Baby Future. During their Facebook Live recording, the blended family was seen showing their affection to one another. […]

Of course, Beyoncé took home the Fashion Icon Award in a surprise appearance at the 2016 CFDA’s. With her latest release of LEMONADE and stadium-bound Formation World Tour, this King young lady is out here killing it. The true achievement, however, is Bey’s ability to stay unbothered in the same room as an alleged “Becky with good hair” […]

Russell Wilson recently delivered the commencement speech at his Alma Mater, the University of Wisconsin and joked, “If you’re dating a woman that’s way out of your league, ask her to marry you.” Light bulbs went off. Remember a few years back when the media began spinning the “woe is the successful, educated black woman […]

“You tell that nigger I said I’m gone’ shoot him,” says Kimberley McCray in Monday night’s season finale of Fatal Attraction as she recounts her crazy ex-boyfriend’s statement about her current boyfriend. Um, did she say what we think she just said—and so casually at that?! —Time out! Let’s have a meeting.— We know the rules. […]