“I am a VICTOR and Not a VICTIM!”

R&B Divas:               Atlanta Season 3

Episode 4:               “Releasing the Diva Demons

Celebrity Blogger:     Diva LaTavia Roberson


Diva LaTavia blogs about sharing her very personal “dump” during this episode, her reality TV experience so far and of course all the drama behind not singing!!!

Diva LaTavia & Reality TV:

So far, my overall experience with reality TV has been GREAT! There have been a hand-full of people questioning why I may have fallen out of love with being an artist but for every 1 quasi-negative question, there has been 10x more comments of pure support!! I really feel embraced by all the love from so many of the viewers.  I never imagined it would be so full & plentiful! –I will say this though, singing was my job & if everyone looks inside of themselves they too would find that at some point in their lives, they too questioned continuing in their profession “do I want to do this anymore?”  Honestly, it’s something that EVERY artist goes through, we all experience that moment!  I’m just living it out on camera for the world to see!!!



My Friendship With Meelah:

The way we became friends was SO spiritual (Meelah talks about it in her blog HERE)! When we are together we have a good time!  We laugh together. We cry together.  We talk about what we aspire to be.  I truly appreciate the bond we have!!!

Now that I am also a mother, I appreciate the bond we have even more.  She tells me all the time what a great mom I am to my baby daughter Lyric but truth be told, Meelah is the great mother.  I respect her so much!  Her situation with her son Zac being diagnosed with Autism is a tough one but she has handled it so well.  I am so proud of her!  The doctors said Zac wasn’t going to make it when he was born and he is HERE and he is WELL and she is doing a phenomenal job!  I can’t put myself in her shoes but if she needs me for ANYTHING I’m here for sure!!!!



LaTavia Talks DIVAS

I’ve bonded with the ladies.  On episode #2, KeKe and I meet for lunch and I go to the studio to talk with Monifah.  The one diva that I did not do an individual scene with was Syleena.  I wasn’t sure how our relationship would evolve but she has been VERY supportive of me.  I totally appreciate how supportive she has been.  Her voice is THE TRUTH!!!!!


In episode #3, Angie tells me that “We are ALL Divas and ALL Divas Sing,” and I know she was saying that from a place of love and trying to protect me but we’re all grown ups, so you’ll see during the season, I had to put on my “diva hat” and make decisions that I felt best suited me at the time.   I love Angie for coming in like a mother figure and trying to protect me, I know she came from a sincere place!  Unfortunately the truth is that she can’t protect me, I have to figure this journey out for myself honestly and you know I’m someone’s mama now too (lol)!  Angie’s my girl though, we are cool, we have moved on from that!!!


Diva LaTavia on “DUMPING”

That dumping scene is REAL.  I didn’t know what to expect when I agreed to take the acting lesson and when Rotunda (acting coach) explained the exercise, I definitely didn’t know what I was going to say.  When she explains what “dumping” is, my LOOK is PRICELESS!  LOL!  That’s me being comedic at that time like “say what?!*? But my dump was REAL to the core.  I didn’t expect to get that emotional but it didn’t make sense to me to participate if I wasn’t going to go THERE.

If I had the opportunity to re-do that scene and share my childhood molestation experience as my “dump,” I WOULD. Every time I speak about it, I know that if just ONE person hears me, just one, it will help.  It also helps me talk about it. I’m not the type of person to turn up because the cameras are there.  I’m going to be 100% real regardless!!!

The core message I want people to get out of me sharing my dump is that life brings us all curve balls.  My curve ball was the molestation as a child, someone else’s curve ball could be something different but no matter what your situation is realize that THINGS HAPPEN and you DON’T have to be a victim of your circumstances.   At that time, I was seven years old trying to protect my mom (because the molester said if I told they would hurt her). At one point, I had to be a grown-up as a child and speak up.  In the end, I AM A VICTOR and NOT A VICTIM.  I rose above it and overcame that situation.  I have learned to move on and not let it consume me.  By me sharing my story, hopefully someone else can draw from my experience and be encouraged to be victorious over theirs!

To Sing or NOT To Sing ….

I know there has been A LOT of talk about me not signing.  I’ve seen the comments about “if you’re not trying to sing then why are you on the show?” and I definitely want to address that! I never said I didn’t want to sing & I certainly CAN sing!  I’m just on a journey to figure out If I WANT to be an ARTIST again.  This is something that ALL artists go through, trust me!  My story is different than the other ladies who have continuously been singing/recording in some form or fashion, but I have been away from the scene for 10 years and not in front of music at all.  My Diva story line is a bit different in that regard!  Maybe I’ll end up showing our viewers that’s there are different brands of Divas and become the writing/producing/music publishing R&B Diva???  Truth be told, that ownership is where the REAL money & essential long term wealth really is for real! Overall, the understanding and supportive outreach from the viewers has been amazing I must say!!!  I guess you’ll have to keep watching to see what happens NEXT!!!!

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