The popular, multiple award winning music series Unsung now has a series sibling, and it promises to continue to educate, enlighten, and entertain!  Unsung Hollywood, a program that shines a spotlight on ground-breaking artists and entertainers who’ve devoted their lives to making their mark in movies, television, comedy and sports – and in the process, helped to elevate and transform our world.

The show subjects  for  ‘Hollywood Unsung’ range from  revealing portraits of feminist film icon Pam Grier and politically-charged comic Dick Gregory, to in depth stories  behind the making – and breaking – of such influential  films and TV series as Cooley High, and What’s Happening?  Highlighting subjects and stories that have never or rarely been told, Unsung Hollywood will continue the legacy the flagship series, Unsung set by being a vehicle to answer the questions you’ve always had about your favorite stars, films, and television series.

You will be entertained as well as informed, thanks to generous supplies of classic film clips, archival and contemporary performances, and exclusively shot behind the scenes footage that helps illuminate the brilliance of these artists, and their achievements. And, like its sister series, Unsung Hollywood tells its stories from the inside out, through in-depth personal interviews and behind the scenes footage, along with revelations from family members, friends and industry associates, fellow entertainers, and cultural commentators.

Tune in Wednesdays at 10/9c starting February 26 for TV One’s Unsung Hollywood.

Pam Grier,    Wednesday, February 26  10/9c

Robin Harris,  Wednesday, March 5  10/9c

What’s Happening,  Wednesday, March 12  10/9c

Dick Gregory, Wednesday, March 19  10/9c

Flip Wilson,  Wednesday, March 26  10/9c

Cooley High,  Wednesday, April 2 10/9c

Bill Duke,  Wednesday, April 9 10/9c

Harlem Globetrotters,  Wednesday, April 16  10/9c

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