Diva Faith blogs about the premiere episode of R&B Divas. Find out exactly what she was thinking and how it really went down!

Episode 1:  Sisters In Song

Diva Blogger: Faith

We hit the ground running in ATL! I am really excited to work with all the ladies [Monifah, Nicci, Syleena and KeKe] on this compilation album.  Up until this point, I wanted to do a compilation album celebrating R&B for a long time–  I had the concept and figured one day it would happen just wasn’t sure when or how.

So, when all the ladies were at the Grammy event [Whitney’s last performance] I was hosting and after we lost Whitney I knew we had to do it!!!!!!  The fact that we were ALL there [The Grammy event] celebrating R&B music, I really felt like the stars aligned!   We always knew we wanted to give the proceeds to something positive. We all just wanted to do something in Whitney’s honor. The proceeds will go to the Whitney Houston Academy of Performing Arts in New Jersey.

You guys catch a glimpse of me moving in and, yes Atlanta is HOT!  I live in L.A. by the beach, there’s a breeze …not the case in Atlanta.  They don’t call it HOTLANTA for nothing!   You see me with a denim shirt only because we were going out to a restaurant later and you know how air conditioning is but ATL is HOT! HOT! HOT!

But for real for real, I was rocking that denim shirt on top of the t-shirt in that hot Atlanta climate because I was wearing a Lidocaine patch that my doctor prescribed for stiffness in my back.  You could see the patch under my t-shirt and I didn’t like the way it looked. I’m feeling much better now!

Also, don’t let those little bit of boxes in the living room fool you!  What the camera’s didn’t show is all the hours it took for me to unpack my clothes. I brought most of my wardrobe minus my winter gear.  I’m back home now and HALF my CLOTHES are missing…they still haven’t arrived!!!!

Anyway… True, Monifah and I lived in the same building and became travel buddies thru the course of filming the show.  I would drive sometimes and she would ride with me and she would drive sometimes and I would ride with her.

Faith on KeKe and Michael

There’s nothing about KeKe and Michael’s dynamic that bothers me.    THAT’S THEIR CHOICE!  If that’s what works for them then it works!  If Michael being around is going to help pull through this project then I’m all for it 🙂

Faith on Monifah and her girlfriend

Normally, significant others don’t attend baby showers but since Monifah’s significant other is a woman, I think its O.K.  It was a celebratory occasion and I think it was a good time for everybody to meet.

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