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Savannah James has officially entered the podcasting world.

On April 30, the ultimate basketball wife and mompreneur dropped the first episode of her new podcast, Everybody’s Crazy. The interactive call-in show is a new project with Savannah’s good girlfriend, April McDaniel.

“The point of this show is really to make a safe space to have conversations about life, and life’s easy moments, great moments, hard moments, and bad moments,” said April while speaking with Savannah at the show’s start. “And then, how can we be of service to offer a different perspective to what that situation may hold.” 

According to PEOPLE, Savannah and April met through April’s work with LeBron James and her experience designing large-scale celebrity activations. Since 2009, the two Black women bosses have built a friendship while advancing their private endeavors, and they are using this background to help inform the new podcast.

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From beginning to end, the initial episode feels like a relaxed conversation between two friends dishing with people they know. Several callers on the premiere’s 60-minute dialogue appear to have a connection with the hosts through personal or professional relationships.

Amid laughter and lightheartedness, Savannah and April use callers’ questions and comments to springboard longer opinions on diverse topics. To that end, Everybody’s Crazy is the first time many fans will hear directly from Savannah and get to know a more intimate side of the Akron native.

Savannah told PEOPLE she’s ready to be more open now that her kids are grown and she is in a different phase of life. She also told the celebrity publication she finds the opportunity “scary” yet “freeing.”

Savannah said, “I think that for me, it’s freeing because it allows me to show a side of my personality.”

She also said, “And as nerve-racking and anxiety-ridden as it is to do something new, I’m really excited.” 

3 things we learned about Savannah James on the premiere episode of ‘Everbody’s Crazy.’

Savannah and April’s first episode is available now on YouTube. The show covers various topics, from relationships and dream interpretation to visits to the gynecologist and when to request a song from a DJ.

To celebrate the project, HB highlights three things we learned about Savannah during the conversation.

1. Savannah had to grow into her self-assurance.

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One of the topics the best friends explore is how social media contributes to “everybody’s crazy” and feelings of inadequacy or not being good enough. April opens the dialogue by sharing her long-time self-confidence and self-love. You should feel good enough to just be yourself, but sometimes that’s not good enough for social media,” Angela said. She later added, “I don’t give a f—k what anybody thinks.”

However, Savannah candidly says that self-assurance didn’t come quickly for her.

“I grew into self-assurance, OK? I’m enough now. I get it,” explains Savannah. “I get having the mindset of not feeling like enough, but ultimately, I’ve grown. I’ve done self-work, and I know that I’m enough. I stand in that. I feel that’s a journey that you have to take and you have to be self-aware to know that you thinking that you are not enough is crazy.”

2. Savannah wants to date her husband, LeBron James.

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While answering a caller from Memphis, Tennessee, Savannah shares insight into her long-standing relationship with NBA star LeBron.

“LeBron and I were married for ten years before we got married. And I would say for me the biggest thing that I felt was just a sense of security,” Savannah shares with a caller interested in whether marriage “feels different” than dating.

Savannah continues by discussing the importance of growing with your partner and being intentional about different stages in a relationship. This is something Savannah shares that she and LeBron are doing.

The fashionista also shares specifics on what she looks forward to in their next phase – dating.

“Something that’s really important to me is dating,” she says. So, yeah, we’re married. We’ve been together for 22 years. But yeah, I want to feel young and fun, so I want us to date.”

3. Savannah describes her style as risqué at times with a mix of “mystery and class.”

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The topic of attire and personal style came up during the premiere dialogue. April leaned into the conversation, saying that some women’s clothing can be “inappropriate” at times and that women seem to be more “naked outside.”

Savannah elevated the conversation by saying she feels a “level of liberation” is happening where women are making more definitive choices on what to wear. While she is confident and body-positive, Savannah added that she will only go with her style so far as a mother.

She says, “It’s only so far I would go. Like again, I feel like I’m a very confident, body-positive woman. So sometimes it’s going to give a little more risque depending on how I feel. But it’s always going to give mystery and class at the same time. 

For those fans interested in speaking with the ladies, check the podcast’s Instagram page for future call-in information and taping times.


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