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More of T.I.’s children are entering the entertainment business. According to the YBF, Tip’s youngest daughter, Deyjah, will have her own sitcom.

The show is entitled All For MyLove and also features Oprah’s goddaughter, Hannah Cartwright. The show is about a child named MyLove (seriously) and her pursuit of securing a successful singing career.

You can check out the synopsis below:

Mylove, leaves the UK to live with her brother after her father dies. Mylove’s brother Quentin is a music manager and has accomplished many successes for his artists. In order to obtain his inheritance, Quentin must secure a successful singing career for Mylove.

Once in the states, Mylove begins attending the Jewels Private School Of The Arts where she befriends many like minded kids. Yasmine, a 12 year old with a troubled past, 11 year old Chelsea, Quentin’s youngest artists Jabias, who starts to form a crush on Mylove, smart and business minded 12 year old named Sheldon, shy yet skillful 12 year old rapper Young D, plus many more interesting characters.

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You can check out a preview below: