5 Fabulous Faces of Keke


If there’s one thing we will miss more than the genuine drama of R&B Divas — it’s Keke Wyatt’s crazy faces! It blows our mind that someone so beautiful can contort her face in ways that make us laugh.

So we thought we would pay tribute to Keke’s hilarious expressions with some animated gifs that will keep you hypnotized!

1. The Rolling Side Eye

Looking for the perfect facial expression that says “are you crazy?” Look no further. The next time someone comes at you sideways, throw them one of these and they will get the picture.

2. The Horror Face

With Halloween right around the corner, don’t bother buying a mask when you could just do like Keke and have your friends howling.

3. The Gas Face

The part we love is how calm she looks after making that crazy face. You know, business as usual.

4. The Busta Rhymes

“ROAWR, ROAWR! Like a Dungeon Dragon!” Keke was serious channeling some early 90’s Busta Rhymes for this masterpiece

5. The Exorcist

Honestly, you probably shouldn’t watch this before going to bed — or if you’re thinking about having kids. Labor pains make your face do crazy things.