“I had to welcome the people to Atlanta that hadn’t been introduced!”

R&B Divas: Atlanta          Season 2

Episode 5:                        A Good Day to Cry Hard

Celebrity Blogger:             Diva LaTocha Scott

In episode five, Diva LaTocha shares what it was like to be a part of the SO SO DEF 20th Anniversary concert and the real deal behind diva drama on the set. 


SO SO DEF Diva LaTocha, Kris Kross & More

I have to take it back to what you guys didn’t see on the show.  The interaction with my sister Tamika (also from Xscape), Da Brat and Kris Kross was so much FUN!  We hadn’t seen each other in a while and it was like family getting together.

Chris (“Mac Daddy”) kept saying “We are gonna kill ya’ll [on stage]!!!!” “We are going to do ya’ll IN!!!! He was being very competitive.  That’s how he was!  You don’t realize that the last time you see a person could ultimately really be the last time.  Watching the show, I was kind of sad but I know that Chris would have been PROUD! 

Jermaine Dupri (JD) was planning on doing a SO SO DEF  25 year anniversary concert but he said he felt like the time was NOW and he did a 20 year anniversary concert instead.  I AM SO GLAD HE DID NOT WAIT!  I can say I had the opportunity of sharing that time with Kris Kross and I will always treasure it.  I thank JD for NOT WAITING!

And NO, my sister Tamika has not had her baby yet! LOL!!  I know you guys saw her on the show preggers and ready to pop! She even rocked the heels on stage that I was totally against, but she got her way.   She wanted to come down the stairs but I was like NO WAY, so I won that battle.   She is going to have the baby (a girl; Armani J’Adore) by the end of June.


Hitting the Stage Minus Two

The artists that came out to support the SO SO DEF 20th Anniversary was AMAZING!  Jay-Z, Ludacris, Mariah, Usher, Kris Kross, Da Brat, Bone Crusher, Monica.  The movement we had in Atlanta was incredible.  I am so glad that my sister and I showed up and performed.  Although the other two members of Xscape were missing (Kandi and Tiny) it was still amazing!

It’s 20 years later and people still remember us and want to hear our music…that is a BLESSING.  I think a lot of the fans thought my sister and I would not perform without the entire group, REALLY?!! But when you are blessed with a God given gift, you just have to use it, do you and everything else will be OK.

For the record, JD put us (Xscape) in the game when everybody else said no.  A lot of people thought the group didn’t have “the look” but JD knew we had the talent and he took a chance on us.   Before we were signed, he would say, "Ya’ll are like the ghetto En Vogue." I would say, "Who you callin’ ghetto?" but we were from College Park and the way that we talked, acted, and dressed was straight hood!  Looking back at it now, it’s really funny. We have definitely come a LONG way!!

Keeping it 100, we are here because of the work that we put in together.


Diva LaTocha on Working with Music Mogul JD

JD is great at what he does.  If you think about it and all the music that he is responsible for, he is like the Berry Gordy of the 90’s.  On the show when we were rehearsing for the SO SO DEF concert, JD had his own vision and I didn’t understand what it was until later.  He wanted to take the music back like when people were first introduced to our sound.  Me on the other hand, I wanted to do something different.  People didn’t get to see too much of the rehearsal issues but there were plenty. LOL! 

I wanted to add another musical section to the song “Understanding” and get the crowd more involved but he didn’t want that.  He wanted to keep it the original way, just how we sung it in the 90s.

So sorry I missed the Divas Simply Singing concert but I had an important meeting scheduled with JD regarding my career.  During the meeting that you saw on this episode, Jermaine challenged me on what my new sound is.  He really made his point and I heard him loud and clear.  After that meeting, I was like I have to go in the studio and come up with something totally different and that’s how my new song “Show Off” was born.

It’s all love working with Jermaine.  We go back and forth ALL THE TIME.  He is very honest and I love the fact that he is so straight forward.


CUTTING ROOM FOOTAGE:  Diva LaTocha’s Mom, Sister & Girl Talk:

In this week’s episode, you see my mom and sister over at my house for a little girl talk to discuss the SO SO DEF concert and to converse like we always do.  We all live in Atlanta and we usually get together once a week but lately we’ve been a little off schedule

What you didn’t see is how my mom was talking about our Xscape days and the role that the other mother’s played. My mother (Gloria) was more in the background, but definitely helped to keep us grounded spiritually and kept us all in church.

Diva in the Middle!  LaTocha Talks Diva Beef & Crazy KeKe

Remember that song “Monie in the Middle”…well, I’m Tocha in the middle!!  LOL!  Coming up in the 90’s, I have mad love for Nicci from Brownstone for being a part of a group just like myself.  Faith, Angie and Monifah were kicking it in the 90’s too!   Although Syleena and KeKe traveled a different road, I still connect with them.  It’s a great friendship with the divas BUT it’s difficult to be friends with my "90’s ladies" and then hear they don’t like someone that you’re just getting to know.  To be honest, sometimes you don’t even want to be around both of them [Nicci & Syleena] at the same time! FOR REAL!

Hanging out with KeKe was cool.  She is crazy, in a good way.  Michael let my husband Rocky and I know during the dinner on episode #4 that she has been through a lot but he is definitely committed to her.  KeKe is a sweet girl.  She has just been hurt and is still healing.  I don’t know if she has a true childhood friend that she can lay everything on the table with and talk too.  I think that’s what she needs and is missing.  I have a friend like that.  Everybody needs one!

But for real, that girl CAN burp you UNDER THE TABLE!

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