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(Originally published on 07.13.2012)

Kanye West has notoriously been known to go without a cell phone. Too many people, too much noise, if you need him, you’ll find him, etcetera etcetera. The game has changed, though, and credit goes to Kim Kardashian for making Kanye bend and join the masses.

Us Weekly reports:

     Kanye West “doesn’t like to be tied down by technology,” says a source, and didn’t have a cell before falling for Kim Kardashian.

     “It frustrated Kim,” adds the insider. “She had to call him through his bodyguard.” But West recently caved and got a secret phone. Says a source, “He only uses it for Kim!”

Just so y’all know, someone from Kim’s camp has refuted claims that this relationship is all of the sake of publicity. You know, ’cause Kim is such an ignored figure. These two are going to end up getting married, having babies, and chronicling every single second of it for public consumption.

Don’t fight it: I’m right.

– Michael Arceneaux

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