39th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards – Show

(Originally published on 07.26.2012)

Kim Coles spoke with The Root about her current gig as host of the OWN Network game show Are You Normal, America? During the Q&A, the Living Single star touched on what it’s like to work for Oprah, whether or not her natural hair came in the way of her hosting job, and what she makes of the criticism leveled at OWN.

Here are some excerpts:

     The Root: What is it like working with and being around Oprah Winfrey?

     Kim Coles: She was on the set a couple of times; you can absolutely feel her energy. You can feel her benevolence — it’s clear — and you can absolutely feel her power. She told me that I was doing a good job and she was pleased with what was going on with the show. I can tell the show has turned out the way she has envisioned it to be.

     TR: How did you end up working with Oprah and OWN?

     KC: The show idea came about because it was a segment on one of Oprah’s shows, and she liked it so much that she decided to have it developed into a full-blown game show. I got the part because I auditioned for it … I’d like to say that once they saw me, they were like, “Boom, we got our girl.” I earned this one the good old-fashioned way.

     TR: Did the producers say anything or make suggestions about your hair?

     KC: Here’s what’s interesting: I found out that Oprah was sent several pictures of me. They went researching me and they got pictures, and I heard Oprah said, “What is she going to do with her hair? Whatever she wants to do is fine with me … ” I’m paraphrasing, but it came back to me like that.

     TR: What do you have to say to the critics who suggest that OWN is a struggling network?

     KC: It’s a new network; give it time to grow and watch Oprah shine. I don’t understand how people compare things. There is room to grow; we are comparing it to networks that have been around for years. I think what she’s doing with Super Soul Sunday is phenomenal; there’s a segment called “Breathing Space.”

     She’s creating something that has not been done before. it can’t be compared to anything else. I don’t think anyone should compare it. The statistics do not apply!

     I’ll say this: Oprah Winfrey and her network are incomparable. Stop trying to put statistics on it.

     I sat and watched her interviews with Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, and you know something? There are no ratings to rate that. What she’s putting out there to feed people’s souls can’t be counted on a Nielsen box.

You can read the Q&A in full over at The Root.