The Kill Collection Launch

Karrueche Tran is continuing to make the media rounds in promotion of her clothing line, entitled The Kill. Stopping by Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5, Tran talked about a lot of things besides clothes including sex, possible marriage to Chris Brown, and online antagonizers.

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Chris Brown suggested she should have a line of her own:

Chris has his own men’s line, which is Black Pyramid and he wanted to start a women’s version so he asked me to do it. That’s why we started off with just doing a women’s line but then we ended up doing a men’s line as well, so its unisex. For every outfit, there’s a men’s [version] and there’s a women’s [version]. I design both men and women. Everybody is like ‘Where’s your line?’ ‘Where’s all the stuff’ and I’m like ‘I’m sorry but it’s coming.’  I promise you, it’s really dope and everybody will love it. Just give me some time.

Her loyalty lies with Chris Brown:

I will always keep my relationship and my personal life personal. I stand behind whatever I do 100 percent. So, now that’s the focus.

She doesn’t know where she stands with Chris Brown or maybe she does:

[laughs] Ummmm… I can’t say. Like I said, I’ll just keep that personal.

If Chris was to ask her to marry him, she’d say:

[laughs hysterically] The time is not right…at all [laughs].

Sometimes she really does want to go H.A.M. on her Twitter followers who tweet negativity all day:

It’s hard because sometimes, I really want to go there but I don’t. I just ignore it. I’m on my Twitter all day, [so] I pretty much read everything. You have to laugh at it and just brush it off. Pay no mind to it and don’t allow that negative [stuff] to cloud your mind. Its hard, I’m not sitting here saying ‘It’s easy, I got it. I’m good,’ because it’s hard. [There] are some days, where its really hard on me, but at the end of the day, I’m good. I’ve found a way to deal with it […] What I’ve found out is, regardless of what I say, somebody is always going to say something negative or bring some type of negative light to it so….

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