Keysha Cole Studio Session

Should you be your sister’s keeper? As in, if you’ve managed to crawl your way to the top, amass fame and fortune, are you obligated to lift up the person or person you helped pave the way for? Or at the very least, offer a few cents of advice?

Most would assume yes, and though I don’t know the specifics of their relationship or lack thereof, Keyshia Cole recently explained to Singersroom why she’s ready to lift her singing peers up even if it didn’t happen for her. Keyshia is referring to Mary J. Blige, who she says she wishes would’ve reached out.

Via Singersroom:

On Being Compared to Mary J Blige and others compared to her … I’m very happy to have been compared to such a wonderful woman, a strong woman. The only thing that I would’ve changed, that I am now here to do for those that come after me, is to lend a helping hand. I feel that even if it’s not me saying I’m gonna record with you, I’m gonna work with you or let’s go hang out or anything like that; we don’t have to be friends, but at the end of the day, being able to give advice or help somebody that is coming under you is an amazing gift to be able to have. I wish I would have had that from Mary, but I’m not Mary, I’m a different person and if K. Michelle ever call me or anybody for that matter, for advice, I would absolutely give it to them.

Obviously, she doesn’t begrudge Mary and doesn’t seem to harbor any resentment towards her. However, there’s some obvious regret there and even if done nicely, it’s still sort of throwing Mary under the bus. I adore them both though I’d love to know how Mary feels…or maybe even asks Keyshia if she herself ever tried to directly reach out to Mary in search of advice on navigating the music industry.

In the meantime, check out the video interview.

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