We’ve all slipped up once in a while: we don’t return that item the cashier forgot to ring up or we smile back at the flirtatious co-worker. However, the path from good to bad is a slippery slope, and the price to pay is eternal.

There are ten laws literally written in stone, ten transgressions that demand divine justice; among them are lying, adultery, robbery, and murder. These are the stories of the men and woman who embraced the devil’s temptations with open arms and are paying the price – in this world and the next.

THOU SHALT NOT is the one-hour true crime series that pulls back the curtain on individuals who commit the gravest of sins — breaking God’s Ten Commandments. Murders, scandals, cover-ups, and deadly affairs are just a few of the crimes in each episode’s juicy portrayal of Godless behavior. Full of shocking reveals and heart-stopping twists, these sinners don’t just break the laws of man– they break the laws of God.