Philadelphia Women Vote 2012 Summit

(Originally published on 07.27.2012)

Speaking with The Loop 21, Alicia Keys opens up about her going out in support of President Obama’s reelection bid. The singer hails Obama and his record on women’s issues and imploresyoung people to get involved for the sake of their future. In the Q&A, Alicia also opened up a bit about her forthcoming album.

Excerpts below:

     Loop 21: Do you ever second guess your decision to share your political views with the public for fear of a backlash?

     Alicia Keys: People are very sensitive about politics. You want a fight, you talk about politics. I think each person has the right to believe, what they want to believe in and vote for someone that represents what they are looking for in their life. That is my prerogative as well. We don’t always have to all agree, but I can surely say what I believe and I know that some believe the same way as me.

     Loop 21: Many of artists including Nas and Young Jeezy have written songs for elections. Can we expect any music from you regarding the Presidential election?

     Alicia Keys: My album is coming out soon, and strangely enough there has been some conversations as to how we can put something together. I really would write a song, and I think it is something that would fit really well with my album. I’m working on it, let’s see how it all plays out, but I think it would work.

     Loop 21: What words of encouragement would you give to the youth?

     Alicia Keys: We are this country. There is not one movement that happened anywhere in the world that wasn’t sparked by the youth. We are the strength, we are the visionaries! We have everything that it takes to create a really powerful message, there is no stopping us. You have to be proactive, as to what you want your future to be, because no one else is going to build it for you.

Read the interview in full over at The Loop 21.

– Michael Arceneaux

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