World Premiere of 'Dune: Part Two' in London

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Icon. Trendsetter. Slayer. And now, Fashion Robot.

Zendaya has had many descriptors and many looks throughout her career. The actress-model keeps getting better, edgier, and untouchable with each one.

Her newest look to the “Dune: Part Two” world premiere in London on Thursday, February 15, is arguably one of her most memorable. A full metal robot suit from Thierry Mugler’s fall 1995 couture collection, Zendaya’s look was definitely out of this world.

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The fashion girlies can’t stop talking about it.

Zendaya as a Fashion Robot, Vintage Mugler, and Law Roach. Need we say more?

World Premiere of 'Dune: Part Two' in London

Source: Future Publishing / Getty

Zendaya merges the future of fashion with garments from Mugler’s past in her recent jaw-dropping look. Styled by her legendary posh partner in crime, Law Roach, the space and time couture collide is amazing.

Mugler’s vintage 1995 suit featured everything a fashion robot would need to take over the world – or help people dress better. (No, we are not sure what a fashion robot would do in the real world. But we’re pretty sure they would look like Zendaya.)

Sparing no artistic detail, the actress’ fit featured all-over metal with clear panel cut-outs around the abs, behind, chest area, legs, and arms. The set fit Zendaya like a glove, showing off her curvy body and feminine frame. Zendaya accessorized her robot monochromatic moment with an over-the-top Bulgari necklace packed with diamonds and sapphires.

The “Euphoria” star kept her makeup and hair simple and clean yet “reflective.” She slicked back her shoulder-length hair into a tight bun. Her makeup was soft with a natural glow.

Fashion Robots are breaking the internet in 2024.

Since the images of the look dropped on social media and news stories, fans can’t get enough. Taking to stylist Law Roach’s Instagram page, kudos, praise, and “we are not worthy” comments continue to come in.

While in a fashion frenzy over the look, some fans have noticed similarities with one of Beyoncé’s most memorable “Renaissance” tour looks. Queen Bey wore a custom cyborg suit designed by current Mugler creative director Casey Cadwallader. Sources say Bey’s version was inspired by the original archival outfit Zendaya wore on Thursday.

Maybe that’s why Yonce’s “Break My Soul” was reportedly played as Zendaya arrived on Thursday’s carpet.


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