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A few weeks ago the internet was buzzing with talk about a new biopic film based on 21 Savage dubbed American Dream, which weirdly starred Donald Glover as the “Runnin” rapper. But even though the trailer garnered hella interest in the movie, it seems like it was just a marketing ploy.


In a recent interview with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay, 21 Savage was asked about the Donald Glover-led trailer to American Dream. Sharpe thought it was an actual movie (as we all did) and 21 Savage admitted that it was actually “a parody.” Kinda surprised (and somewhat let down) that the trailer was actually for kicks-and-giggles, Sharpe asked Savage if he thought his life story was good enough to be made into a feature film. Looking at Shannon, 21 asked “Do you think so?” to which Shannon replied “I do.”

After Sharpe explained why he felt 21 Savage’s story would be worthy of the big screen, the ATLien agreed saying “I feel like it could be one day,” but also added “They would hate on it now, though. Because they gon’ be like, ‘What the f**k 21 Savage deserve a story for, a movie about him for? What he did?’ You know how they do.”

Well, he’s not wrong. Heads were already saying that when the trailer with Donald Glover dropped. Whether it was hate or genuine confusion as to why 21 Savage’s story deserved to be told, the trailer really had people scratching their heads for a few reasons, but mostly due to the casting decision of Donald Glover. We still don’t get that.

Do y’all think 21 Savage deserves his own biopic at this stage of his career? Should his story be told one day on the silver screen? Let us know in the comments section, and check out the interview in it’s entirety below.

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