The Last Airbender

Source: Netflix / Netflix

Rejoice ’80s and ’90s babies for it seems like Netflix’s upcoming live-action iteration of Avatar: The Last Airbender will be as faithful to the 2000’s animated series as it can possibly get.


Netflix released its latest trailer for the highly anticipated series and even with fanfare already as high as can be, the fandom was kicked into overdrive as the series seems to encapsulate everything that made the original Nickelodeon series such a hit in the mid-2000s. Centering around the young boy known as Aang (Gordon Courmier) who’s tasked with taking down the oppressive Fire Nation, the trailer takes us back to the fantasy world where the four nations of the Air Nomads, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation and the Water Tribes reign supreme.

With some superb CGI being used to create the likes of the beloved air bison Appa and adored winged lemur Momo, you’d think Avatar: The Last Airbender was some big budget Hollywood film set to release this summer. With some pretty cool action sequences showcasing how the four elements are manipulated during combat along with some witty dialogue between the characters in the story, it’s pretty safe to say that this series may very well redeem the reputation of Avatar that M. Night Shyamalan destroyed with his own film based on the series back in 2010. (That joint was hella struggle.)

Check out the latest trailer for Avatar: The Last Airbender below. Let us know if you’ll be checking for it when the series drops on Netflix Feb. 22.

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