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It has only been a month since comedian Jess Hilarious announced that she was set to be the new host of The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne The God and DJ Envy, and drama between Jess and the hosts has already ensued. Note: Charlamagne disputed the claim that she was selected as a permanent host, but we’ll get to that in a second.

On Tuesday (Jan. 23), Jess shared a post by The Shade Room that showed Envy and Charlamagne elevating songstress SZA to the level of Mary J. Blige. Jess was having none of it.

“These N-ggas trash,” the Wild ‘N Out comedian wrote. “Envy shut up! I know artists be pissed when old heads do this bc now everybody negatively comparing SZA to MJB and it ain’t even her fault! She has her own identity already.”

It’s arguable that Hilarious isn’t wrong here. Calling SZA the new Mary is basically opening the door for trolls and die-hard MBJ fans to lash out and cause the “Kill Bill” singer to catch strays when she was just minding her own business and being great.

Still, it’s also arguable that Jess was being a little harsh when she called Charlamagne and Envy “trash” just for making the comparison. Perhaps her hostility towards the two Breakfast Club hosts has something to do with whatever happened with her joining the team.

From Hip Hop DX:

In late December, the former Wild N’Out star announced that she would be replacing Angela Yee on The Breakfast Club after more than a year of the morning show being just a two-man operation.

“It’s official,” she said during an event in her hometown. “I’ma put the fuck on for my city. Specifically, West Baltimore.”

However, these plans seem to have fallen apart.

Just last week, Charlamagne Tha God said he was “not happy” about the confusion surrounding the show, which has been without a third host since Yee departed in December 2022 to front her own syndicated program.

The Breakfast Club has had a number of rotating guest hosts including Claudia Jordan, Jess Hilarious, Jason Lee, and Loren LoRosa over the last year and a half, but they have yet to announce a permanent replacement.

When asked by TMZ about the situation, CTG said: “I would really like to know. I just came from downstairs. It was just me and Envy doing the show again.

“Everybody saw us rotating guest hosts last year and we said we were gonna start 2024 off with a new host and that hasn’t happened yet.”

He added: “I am done with the rotating of the guest hosts.”

Welp, now that Jess Hillarious has fired off on the show’s only two current hosts, chances of her ever becoming a Breakfast Club hostif it’s even something she wants anymorehave likely gone from slim to nill.

So, what do y’all think? Is Jess right about the comparison of SZA to Mary, or did Envy and The God have a fair point? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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