While the majority of us are working 12-14 hours a day at somebody’s place of business, it’s easier to date someone at the office then NOT.   Say what you want about office hook-ups but never say never! 

Although it’s highly frowned upon, I know some sisters that have gotten MARRIED and birthed some babies to a man they met at work and now they are living the happily-ever-after dream and so it can happen.  My girl Stacie lives with her partner and they work for the same company and NOBODY in the office knows so it can be done!  Her philosophy (and his) is very simple…. Folks are noisy and they need not to know.  I give her thumbs up because when your relationship gets to move-in status you might blow your horn but not my girl! 

DARLING NIKKI UPDATE:  A few weeks after this article, my girl Stacie (yes, homegirl above who works with her mate and NOBODY in the office knows) GOT ENGAGED! Now, I wonder if she wears her ring to the OFFICE???? 

On the flip side, I also know some office hoes that have been labeled through their T.M.I. office romances.  You definitely don’t want to be THAT chick!  Office romance can be tricky so if you decide to go down THAT road just make sure to follow these RULES:

1.  Keep it to Yourself Until You Know it’s SERIOUS

Who you date is YOUR business not the offices. 

Keep your after 5 activities to yourself ESPECIALLY if it involves someone at the same company.

2.  See Each Other on Your Own Time Not the Company’s

Don’t spend hours out of your day talking on the phone and texting your love interest. 

Keep it strictly professional during work hours.


3.  Talk About Like Interests Off the Clock NOT Work

When with your honey bunny, don’t spend hours talking about WORK. 

Leave it where it belongs…in the office building and not at home. 

4.  Play Fair- Don’t Play Favorites

Keep it professional and never play favorites when at the office. 

Off the clock is another thing (wink.wink)

5.  Check Your Company’s Dating Policy

Don’t lose your job over un-necessary foolishness. 

Make sure you check your company’s dating policy just to be in the know!

TELL US:  Has Your Heart Survived an Office Romance?  What Advice Would You Give?

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