Welp! What a way to end Black History month!

Donald Trump decided to have a meeting with the presidents of several historically Black colleges and universities to discuss the executive order aimed to benefit these institutions.

The HBCU Digest gives more details on the executive order:

“The executive order  plans to make HBCUs a priority by taking the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities from the US Department of Education to the White House, where it will function under the supervision of a presidentially-appointed executive director. The new order also mandates that federal agencies identified as active or potential funding matches for HBCU programs will have 90 days to submit reports to the White House on how they will leverage public and private resources to build capacity at black colleges.”

Strangely enough, people were first concerned about the way presidential adviser, Kellyanne Conway, was sitting on a couch in the Oval Office. Like, really?

Naturally, many are pissed at this alleged “act of coonery,”  but what’s up with the vandalism across Howard University’s campus — allegedly by students?

TELL US: What are your thoughts on this meeting? Do you think there is a chance that it may actually benefit HBCUs?