(Originally published on 07.05.2012)

Ronald Fenty has got to stop talking. Every time he opens his mouth, a bit of stupid pours out. No offense to you, Rihanna, but seriously. One minute he’s saying to the world that he told you that you were getting “too fat.” On top of that, he’s defended Chris Brown against beating you — as if we hadn’t heard about how abusive he was towards Rihanna’s mother.

So what does Papa Fenty have to say this week? Oh, nothing. Just that he hopes Rihanna and Chris Brown get back together:

     “Chris has matured a lot. I think everybody has to put the past behind them. And they seem to have done that. Being a couple is all up to her.”

     “Every decision is her decision. I just wish her the best. I hope things will work out. Everyone is entitled to make a mistake. Her fans are hoping it will happen. They see them as a perfect couple.”


Quit it.

You are the source of every single issue she has.

On top of it all, these interviews are done for money!

He is shading you openly for cash. I know you love your daddy, but God created Shady Pines for a reason, gal.

–Michael Arceneaux

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