Oprah Lands Last Michelle O. Interview

by jhill1010

December 6, 2016

This one’s gonna hurt ya’ll.

Saying good-bye to the Obamas is going to be hard and Oprah seems determined to make it harder when she hosts the last White House interview with Michelle.

Why will it be hard? You know how Oprah does! She will make SURE everyone is openly weeping by the middle of the show. We’re sure there will be laughing and funny stuff, but you better believe everyone will be in tears.

You’ll be crying.

giphy (88)

Oprah will be crying.

giphy (87)

But guess who won’t be, Michelle Obama. We couldn’t even find a gif of her tearing up. You know why? Cause she’s a BAWSE!

The pain begins December 19 on CBS.

TELL US: After eight years in the White House, what are you DYING for Michelle to reveal?